Carleigh Oude-Reimerink Brings Yoga to YVR

Carleigh Oude-Reimerink recently graduated from the SCARP Masters of Planning program. Her Masters Professional Project explored the creation of a yoga space for passengers at Vancouver International Airport (YVR). Carleigh spoke with, and surveyed passengers in the terminals at YVR. She also conducted a mapping exercise to determine which locations would be optimal for this type of space. She conducted background research on wellness and yoga, and researched best practices.

SCARP Book Will Appeal to a Large Audience

On June 17th, School of Community and Regional Planning alumni, students, and faculty gathered at the UBC Bookstore to launch the new comprehensive planning book, Planning Canada: A Case Study Approach, edited by SCARP PhD Alumna Ren Thomas. Various contributing authors were present at the launch to answer questions and discuss their specific contributions to the book, which features over thirty planning case studies.

New Book Makes Planning Accessibile

Editor Ren Thomas' new book: Planning Canada: A Case Study Approach was launched on June 17th at the UBC Bookstore. The book uses case studies to demonstrate the multidisciplinary and participatory approach used by community and regional planners. For a full story on the book launch see Claire Kiernan's article: .

Planning Canada: A Case Study Approach - New book from Ren Thomas

SCARP Alumnus Ren Thomas has written a new book that includes a range of practice and research based cases in eight areas: community and social planning, urban form and public health, natural resource management, housing, participatory processes, urban design, urban redevelopment, and transportation and infrastructure planning. They include examples from urban, rural, and Aboriginal communities across the country.


SCARP Alum Jen Roberton, now a planner in Toronto, says cities need to plan for people who want to have sex in public parks. Using Amsterdam's Vondelpark as the standard, Roberton says that if a park is truly for all members of the community, then cities have to design their parks to be used by everyone.


Listen to Jen Roberton's interview on CBC radio: 

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