New Students


Before the SCARP orientation week there are some steps you can take to make your first few weeks of classes run smoothly. The information below describes how to get your student ID/library card, your e-mail and internet access, and your office and computer lab access. The SCARP orientation schedule includes meeting times and activities as well as further steps to take in the first week to confirm your program and registration.

All students should register for courses as set out on your Program Requirements pages.


Registration dates and times for the Winter Session are available in June, and Summer Session dates are available in late February. For more information on registration check the UBC Student Services website.


At SCARP the first week of term is an orientation session for all new students. The schedule for the orientation will be posted on the website.  The orientation provides an opportunity for incoming students to meet faculty, staff and students and become familiar with the School.

Students are expected to attend the entire orientation session. Students must contact the Graduate Administrator if they require any accommodation.


A session will be held during orientation week to introduce you to SCARP office procedures.

The SCARP office staff is knowledgeable and helpful. Feel free to come to the main office at 433 Lasserre Building if you have questions.



UBC Student Services provides an exhaustive website to assist students from other countries with immigration permits to study in Canada, orientation to the UBC campus, preparing for the cultural transition, student health insurance, the Academic English Support (AES) Program and many other details that will make your move to British Columbia easy.

Once you are established at UBC there are resources and opportunities for socializing, volunteering and working on campus.

We invite you to study the International pages of the Student Services



Campus Orientation

UBC Student Services offers orientation sessions for the Vancouver Campus and provides valuable information for new students. Check the Student Services website.


The UBCcard is the official University of British Columbia identification card for registered students. It is also your library card and it can be loaded with money to purchase food from the UBC Food Services cafes all over campus. Apply for your UBCcard from the Carding Office located in the UBC Bookstore, 6200 University Boulevard. (Make sure to check the hours of operation.)

In order to obtain a UBCcard students are required to know their student number and present one piece of government-issued photo identification, such as a driver's license, provincial/state identification or passport. To be eligible for a UBCcard, students must be registered on the UBC Student Service Centre.

U-Pass / Compass Card

U-Pass is your transit pass for all zones in Metro Vancouver. Students pay into the U-Pass as part of their student fees. The U-Pass is available at the UBC Bookstore.

Internet and Email

Access to UBC secure WIFI and UBC student email addresses are available through UBC Information Technology.

Student Email and Wireless Internet Access

To set up your UBC Wireless Internet Access:

To set up your email account:

To access your webmail account:  UBC Student and Alumni Webmail

Let the SCARP Office know your email account as soon as it is set up so that you can be added to the email distribution list by sending an email You can also use your exsting email address if you prefer.

E-mail and the SCARP website are central parts of the school's communications system. You will receive SCARP emails regularly once you are signed up on the SCARP list-serve. New students can receive instructions on how to set up an e-mail account and SCARP listserve during orientation week. In addition to electronic info, there are bulletin boards outside the SCARP office in Lasserre and thoughout West Mall Annex (WMAX). Job postings are circulated to the listserve.

Student e-mail addresses will be added to the School's listservs automatically. Students are advised to check their e-mail daily, otherwise important notices could be missed.

There are four SCARP listservs:

  • SCARP-SCHOOL - office list with prefix SCHL (general emails go out to staff, faculty and students).
  • SCARP-RECORDS - Master's students list with prefix REC (SCARP office staff makes use of this list to send urgent messages and to keep students informed)
  • SCARP-currentstudents