Our Current Students

Note: As this listing is opt-in, this is not necessarily an exhaustive list of all SCARP students.
Picture Program Name Research Topic
Khadija Anjum's picture student-phd Khadija Anjum N/A or unknown
Meryem Belkadi's picture student-phd Meryem Belkadi N/A or unknown
Paul B Akaabre's picture student-phd Paul Boniface Akaabre Urban Land Distribution and Formalization as Traditional Leasehold Properties: Conceptions and Implications for Housing Investment and Delivery
Lauren Brown's picture student-phd Lauren Ann Brown Housing and homelessness policy
Peyvand Forouzandeh's picture student-phd Peyvand Forouzandeh Urban collaborative experimentations for transformation towards sustainability
Louisa-May Khoo's picture student-phd Louisa-May Khoo Ageing in a Neuropolis
jurikim's picture student-phd Juri Kim N/A or unknown
Rebecca Mayers's picture student-phd Rebecca Mayers Beyond Bike Lanes: The Politics of the Cycling Infrastructure Decision-Making Process
Jennifer Pierce's picture student-phd Jennifer Rae Pierce Engaging Plurality in Biodiversity Planning: How cities nurture support for conservation across difference
student-phd Azhar Tyabji N/A or unknown
Nannan Xu's picture student-phd Nannan Xu N/A or unknown