Research Masters (MAP/MScP)

**Research Masters applications for the September 2019 intake will open on December 15, 2018. 

Uninvited applications will not be considered so review the Research Masters Application Steps for more information. 

Applications will close on February 15, 2019. Deadline for references is February 25, 2019.**

This degree program is designed to provide a stimulating opportunity for students who have an interest in planning as career, and who seek a strong and robust graduate educational experience as platform for high-level planning and public policy work. Specifically our program will appeal to students desiring a richer theoretical understanding of complex issues in city and community planning, environmental planning, and international development planning, as well as intensive study of instructive case studies.

The program may also be of particular interest to students with a possible interest in doctoral studies.

Successful applicants will work closely with a faculty supervisor, who should be identified in your application. We strongly advise communicating with a prospective supervisor in advance of making a formal application for entry.

The program is designed to be completed within eighteen months, incorporating a selection of course work (including a theory course and thesis workshop), and a thesis prepared with the guidance of a supervisor and second reader.

Applicants should note that the research masters* degree programs are not formally accredited by the Canadian or American boards. Those seeking an accredited degree are encouraged to apply to the School’s MCRP program


For information on application procedures and qualifications:

Janet Lam, Graduate Administrator

For information on potential supervisors and thesis interests:

Dr Lawrence Frank 


*Upon graduation students in the research masters area receive a Master of Arts in Planning (MAP) if they entered the program with a Bachelor of Arts degree or a Master of Science in Planning (MScP) if they entered the program with a Bachelor of Science degree.