Planning Students Association

Our mandate is to promote the well-being of students, assist students in developing professional and personal skills, and to act on behalf of students on issues of concern. We initiate and support various student projects, organize social events, and represent SCARP students in professional planning organizations, UBC's Alma Mater & Graduate Student Societies and decision-making processes like the selection of new faculty.

Representatives are elected for one-year terms, from January to December. Let’s own our time at SCARP! Please feel free to contact us with your ideas.


The SCARP Planning Students' Association website is:

The SCARP Planning Students Association is registered with the American Planning Association PSOs.


Planning Students Association Roles for 2018





Kendall Andison  

Vice Presidents

Lily Raphael

Jordan Konyk 



Geneva Lloyd 


Emily Johnson      

Orientations Coordinator

Michelle Cuomo

Equity Coordinator(s)

Iain Marjoribanks

Professional Development Coordinator

Katrina May

External Relations Coordinator

Craig Busch

Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Representative

Stella Zhou 

AMS Representative

Nidah Dara

GSS Representative

Kelsey Yamasaki


Non-Elected Representatives
Sustainability Coordinators - Jordan Konyk, Sarah Labahn, Christine Nesbitt
LDS Coordinators – Craig Busch, Sarah Kristi Lone, Tanja Oswald
Facilities Officers – Geneva Lloyd, Shareen Chin
Communication Officers – Emily Huang
International Students Officers – Lili Friedler, Tadayori Nakao
CIP Representative – TBD
APA Representative – TBD
Wellness Coordinators – Iain Marjoribanks, Stella Zhou
Social Coordinators – Laura Hillis, Shareen Chin, Maureen Solmundson, Erin
Larocque, Michelle Cuomo