Planning Students Association


  • To promote the well-being of students
  • To assist students in developing professional and personal skills
  • To act on behalf of students on issues of concern


  • Initiate and support various student projects
  • Organize social events
  • Represent SCARP students in professional planning organizations, UBC's Alma Mater & Graduate Student Societies and decision-making processes like the selection of new faculty.

More information

  • Representatives are elected for one-year terms, from January to December.
  • The SCARP Planning Students Association is registered with the American Planning Association PSOs.
  • For more information, you will soon be able to visit the PSA website (currently under construction)

Let’s own our time at SCARP! Please feel free to contact us with your ideas at


Planning Students Association Roles for 2020





Maren McBride
Monika Krystyna


Vice Presidents

George Van




Dorjan Lecki





Orientations Coordinator

Courtney Stover
Celina Ruhland


Equity Coordinator

Azlan Nur Saidy
Celina Ruhland
Melanie Wittes


Professional Development Coordinator



Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Representative

Jasmin Senghera


AMS Representative

Natalie Cappe
Kiera Vandeborne


GSS Representative

William Canero



Non-Elected Representatives

Sustainability Coordinators - TBA
LDS Coordinator - TBA
Facilities Officer - TBA
International Students Officers - TBA
PIBC Representative - Chelsea Krahn
APA Representative - TBA
Wellness Coordinators - TBA
Social Coordinators - TBA