Vancouver Summer Program

The Vancouver Summer Program is a four-week academic program offered by The University of British Columbia. No matter where in the world you study, by participating in the program, you can take two academic courses at this world-renowned university while learning about Canadian practices and culture.

UBC's School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP) offers a variety of planning course packages that provide skills and knowledge in topics ranging from data analysis, GIS, and the art of negotiation to community engagement and the built environment. While learning about these topics, you have a chance to improve your English and explore Canadian culture and it’s beautiful west coast. In addition to interactive lectures and tours of the region, you can take part in a variety of social activities where you will meet students from other universities and UBC.

We hope to again offer courses for VSP in 2023.

Please visit the program’s website for more information, including costs and how to register.

Comments from past students in the Vancouver Summer Program

"The program was overall a nice experience, I learned not just academically, but also personally."


"This is a very precious experience."

"It was just the right kind of experience I wanted to have studying abroad; it was like a vacation but with a purpose, that purpose being learning new things."

"It’s unforgettable for me to spend this summer holiday studying in one of the most outstanding universities all over the world with such a group of nice classmates!"