Students and Student Life

Who joins SCARP?

Students join SCARP from extremely wide variety of disciplines, all of which professional planning provides crucial context. Just to name a few that frequently move on to SCARP: 

Students join SCARP from across Canada and around the world. Our student population represent dozens of nationalities, each with their own wealth of regional knowledge and context. 

We celebrate this diversity not just because the field of planning depends on a broad spectrum of perspectives but because a subject addressing global problems and inclusive solutions cannot thrive or fulfil its mission without an inclusive and welcoming conversation. 

diagram of UBC Enrolment by Geographic Region, from UBC GEAR Enrolment Data
UBC Enrolment by Geographic Region, from UBC GEAR Enrolment Data
Chart of UBC Graduate students by previous institution, from UBC Annual Enrolment Report, 2021/2022
UBC Graduate students by previous institution, from UBC Annual Enrolment Report, 2021/2022
You have our support!

Above and beyond SCARP’s facilities and support structure, there are a myriad of ways to help you hit the ground running:

  • UBC's Centre for Student Involvement & Careers supports you from your first day until after graduation, through orientation, peer mentoring, access/connection to workplace learning/mentoring/volunteer opportunities, and advising on career options.
  • You may be eligible for sources of financial aid throughout your studies
  • You can become a student member of the Planning Institute of BC, an opportunity to get connected in the planning profession, network with established practitioners, take advantage of services and benefits, and build your future planning career
  • Graduate Pathways to Success offers non-credit workshops, seminars and other activities to develop some of the skills and competencies needed to thrive in your program and thereafter
  • Many other student services, including mental health and wellbeing resources
Student led

AS a SCARP student you:

  • Are part of your own Planning Students Association
  • Are represented on School committees, as well as the Council of the provincial professional association of planners (the Planning Institute of BC)
  • As a student body participate in local, national, and international conferences and sponsor many academic and social activities
SCARP's programs

Master of Community and Regional Planning

Dual accredited, classified as a professional degree, and intended for students interested in Planning and related professions. Intensive but generalist, with immersive learning with real-world problems.

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Research Masters (MAP/MScP)

A research-based degree intended for practicing professionals wishing to strengthen their research skills, students with undergraduate planning degrees from accredited programs, and students intending to eventually pursue doctoral research. 

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PhD Program

Provides an optimum environment to pursue interdisciplinary research at the intersections of planning theory and practice, and encourages critical thinking, inventive research, and effective communication of ideas.

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Master of Engineering Leadership in Urban Systems

An intensive one-year degree program that equips you with the high-level technical skills needed to develop practical and sustainable solutions to meet the challenges associated with large urban infrastructure systems.

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Student research and accomplishments