Student Mental Health - Our Collective Responsibliity

UBC now provides support to faculty for early detection of potential student problems/mental health issues, and for more specific mental health distress. Our responsibility to students is not merely academic, but also involves their broader wellbeing. Faculty and staff are often the front line of noticing that something is wrong.

Early Alert: Detecting and Supporting Struggling Students

Academic or life issues of any kind, long before they become serious problems.


In addition to the online info, these folks can come to your dep’t to give training to faculty & Staff

Vancouver Campus:         Okanagan Campus:



Support and Resources for Student Mental Health & Wellbeing


At the bottom of this webpage, you will see printable blue and green folders.

A very handy guide to immediate steps in responding to a distress situation.


You may also want to request hard copies of these for every office in your units.


Requests for a supply of the folders:

Vancouver campus (Green Folder)
Student ServicesOffice of the Vice-President, Students