UBC WorkLearn opportunities

About UBC's Work Learn program

The Work Learn Program supports and subsidizes meaningful work experiences on and off campus, offering current UBC Vancouver students the opportunity to develop their professional skills in a professional work environment. You can learn from a mentor, expand your professional network, gain work experience and skills through a part-time UBC job while still taking classes.

Full job descriptions can be accessed by students via Careers Online.

Some current opportunities

WL W22 Community Energy Coordinator

UBC Sustainability and Engineering is seeking to hire a Work Learn student to support energy efficiency and climate action programs and policy development for UBC’s residential neighbourhoods.  This project will support the energy and emission objectives of UBC’s Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP).  Responsibilities include maintaining our energy benchmarking program for multifamily buildings, support programs for energy efficiency in existing buildings and support for the development of Energy and Climate Adaptation requirements in the Residential Environmental Assessment Program (REAP).

Community-Based Digital Literacy Assistant

Looking for a hands-on, work-learn position that helps tackle the “digital divide”? We’re looking for a UBC student to support Downtown Eastside community members to access personal technologies like computers, tablets, phones, email, and online meeting tools like Zoom. Apply here by Aug. 14:

English Conversation Program Assistant

We’re looking for a UBC student to support a fun and popular wellness program for seniors in the Downtown Eastside that involves practicing English, making connections, and developing leadership skills. Apply here by Aug. 14.

Animating Connections Assistant

Want to support and, in some cases, lead activities with Downtown Eastside community members? We’re looking for a UBC student who can draw upon their own academic strengths and personal interests to support, design and deliver programming in the form of workshops and special events. Apply here by Aug. 14

Downtown Eastside Community-Based Research Assistant

Are you a UBC student interested in increasing the reach of research and making it more accessible to the Downtown Eastside community? Apply here by Aug. 14

Sunday, August 14, 2022