Northern Development Initiative Trust, Prince George

The Northern Development Initiative Trust
(Northern Development, The Trust)

in Prince George, BC

The Trust’s local and First Nations government internship programs and to explore the opportunity to work collaboratively to promote these unique opportunities to the University of British Columbia’s graduating students.

The internship programs provide a unique opportunity for graduating students to participate in a paid, hands-on work experience that propels careers forward by providing a high level of professional development training. Each year there are a total of twelve positions available, eight local government intern positions and four First Nations government intern positions. Since the time of the program’s inception in 2013 to date, a total of 96 placements have taken place within these programs and 52% continue to work in positions within a local or First Nations government today. The Trust has been fortunate to witness the rapid acceleration of individuals climb to success within the industry and is proud to have supported these outcomes. Our program alumni worked in a variety of industries, ranging from government to economic development to community development and the private sector. The internship program provides students with a unique opportunity to not only apply the knowledge they’ve gained through their studies, but also to explore the wide array of opportunities that this program can lead to.

Local Government Internship

In 2013, The Trust established the local government internship program in recognition of the trend that it was becoming challenging to fill leadership roles in local government. The purpose of the program is to increase capacity in communities, grow the pool of talented candidates for local government positions and reduce the migration of talented graduates out of the province in order to retain them and their talent in B.C.

First Nations Government Internship

Following the success of the local government internship program, in 2017, the Trust in collaboration with Indigenous Services Canada established the First Nations government internship program. The First Nations government internship has the same objectives as the local government internship, with the important difference that the program is designed to recruit indigenous individuals to be leaders in First Nations governments.

About the Trust

Northern Development is an arms-length not for profit organization that acts as a catalyst to stimulate economic, community and business development across Northern BC. The Trust was established in 2004 through provincial legislation and serves approximately 70% of the province, with the service region extending from the Yukon border to Lytton and from Haida Gwaii to Valemount. Within this region, 49 local governments and 88 First nations governments are encompassed.

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