Compass Resource Management positions

Compass is looking for people to join us in leading an exciting range of upcoming projects.

The opportunities span a diversity of areas in the environmental planning and resource management sectors. Many of our projects involve the complementary use of science and Indigenous knowledge, and the application and braiding of Indigenous culture and laws into land and water use decisions. Our work has increasingly focused on supporting co-governance, shared decision-making and reconciliation efforts on collaborative federal, provincial, municipal, and Indigenous government initiatives.

We are seeking a professional with at least 3 to 5 years experience in Indigenous planning and governance work in the resource management field.

Please send your CV and cover letter (see below) to by Aug 15, 2022.
Compass values the diversity of the people we hire and serve. This means we foster a workplace where differences re appreciated and respected and each person’s talents and strengths are nurtured and developed. In keeping with these values, we encourage applications from individuals who will contribute unique perspectives.

About Compass

Compass Resource Management Ltd. is a team of professional facilitators, planners, and decision analysts, specializing in environmental planning and policy and natural resource management. Clients, typically governments, come to us because they know we lead successful planning and decision processes. We guide complex processes involving multiple parties with different interests and mandates, uncertain technical information, and help groups make tough trade-offs.

We are committed to doing our part to advance truth and reconciliation. This includes working hard to achieve the transformative change set out by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and by Indigenous communities across Canada. For more information about our role and commitment to reconciliation in our work, please visit our website.

About you
  • You are innately curious and are motivated to learn,
  • You are good at connecting dots and seeing the bigger picture, and do not shy away from diving into the details as needed to get things done,
  • You are a people person who likes to build and maintain relationships, meet new people, and feel comfortable at the front of a room facilitating diverse groups,
  • You are sensitive to the cultural and emotional dynamics of a cross-cultural group. You can navigate tension and work through conflict productively,
  • You enjoy building the capacity of individuals and groups to accomplish their goals, and
  • You are an excellent writer and communicator.

Desirable Qualifications and Experience


  • experience working with Indigenous communities, and demonstrated expertise in facilitating, meetings and workshops in an Indigenous and cross-cultural context,
  • experience in facilitating senior level management discussions, and writing briefing notes, reports, and developing presentations to support those discussions,
  • demonstrated understanding of the Indigenous context for planning, co-governance, and shared decision making in BC and under UNDRIP,
  • demonstrated evidence of helping groups reach consensus and deliver outcomes,
  • project management skills in a fast-paced environment,
  • knowledge and familiarity with land and water use planning (i.e., resource management in general), and
  • a graduate degree in a related field.
About the position(s)

Responsibilities and Duties

Specific responsibilities will depend on your role, skillset, interests, and the nature of the projects you are involved in. In all cases, you’ll be part of a team and have mentorship and support. A successful candidate who is less experienced will be supported to learn and grow into leading tasks. A successful candidate with well-defined career aspirations and an established skill-set will take on more of a leadership role. Typical duties supporting governance and planning include:

  • Scoping and assessment of issues and options to inform planning and decision-making,
  • Preparing for, facilitating, documenting, and following-up from meetings,
  • Developing proposals/workplans, and organizing/coordinating people and resources to accomplish objectives,
  • Research, analysis, and report-writing,
  • Designing and supporting planning processes and the development of co-governance structures to support G2G decision-making, and
  • Managing projects and budgets.

Terms of Employment

  • Salary will be commensurate with skills and experience
  • Occasional travel in Canada and the US is likely required

Cover Letter Questions

Please respond to the following questions in your cover letter. Note that we will assess your responses both for their substance, as well as the quality of communication. Brevity is an asset.

  1. Please describe your experience working with multiple parties in a cross-cultural context (e.g., as a coordinator, facilitator, convenor, manager) and highlight any key challenges you faced and what you learned as a result.
  2. Please describe a project or decision that challenged you, and that you are particularly proud of.
  3. Please describe your “dream project” and your role.
Sunday, August 14, 2022