One-time seminar with SCARP special guest Libby Porter

Precarious Housing: Encounters with Housing Crisis

A seminar with author, Urban Planning professor Libby Porter

June 16, 12-2, WMAX 240 Pizza at 12 followed by talk & chat

SCARP is excited to bring into our space who many faculty are calling a "friend of SCARP", professor Libby Porter. 

This upcoming seminar will bring together stories from Naarm (Melbourne) to consider conceptual and methodological approaches to precarious dwelling in the contemporary settler-colonial city, where the injury of displacement is a constitutive feature of urban process. 

We consider sites in contemporary Melbourne where the violence of displacement, forced eviction, housing precarity and dispossession are being lived on through, every day, to consider insights into the experience of, and thinking about, precarity and dwelling in the contemporary city.

About "Precarious Dwelling"

Deepening debt, growing insecurity and displacement from home and livelihood are dimensions of the ‘crisis ordinary’ being experienced by increasing numbers of people. This experience of being un-homed – and the politics of fighting against it – is underpinned by an earlier more foundational dispossession that seems to disappear from view. 

“The rendering precarious of the conditions of dwelling have been the founding, constitutive feature of life since invasion in the settler colonial city.”

This raises important questions about how to understand the dispossessory roots of a sense of home now being dispossessed. For all of us who find ourselves on lands stripped from Indigenous peoples, how do we find conceptual grammars and political praxis in the face of this monstrous dilemma that sits at the heart of a sense of home?

More about Libby Porter 

Professor Libby Porter is  Professor of Urban Planning, based at RMIT’s Centre for Urban Research. Her work is about displacement and dispossession in cities. She’s contributed to an understanding of planning and urban policy as tools of dispossession in settler-coloanial cities, displacement effects of urban regeneration, urban governance, and the politics of urban informality.  

Libby has worked in planning and urban policy practice, and taught in planning and geography schools at the Universities of Birmingham, Sheffield, Glasgow, and Monash. She co-founded Planners Network UK, a progressive voice for radical planning. She’s a member of the International Network of Urban Research and Action, and a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy.

Join us, June 16, 12-2pm, WMAX 240, for this unique opportunity to hear from accomplished Planning author and friend of SCARP Libby Porter!

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Thursday, June 16, 2022