ICP Final Presentations

The SCARP community is proud to bear witness as the Indigenous Community Planning class of 2022 presents their practicum work.

Indigenous Community Planning is a concentration of SCARP's Master of Community and Regional Planning program, designed and delivered in partnership with Musqueam Indian Band. While MCRP’s curriculum always espouses equity and inclusive partnerships in regional and community planning, ICP goes deeper: it concentrates on training a new generation of planners to break with the colonial legacy and culture of planning, to work in respectful partnership with Indigenous communities, centered on their priorities. As their final practicum, these students are immersively partnered with an Indigenous community for 8 or more months to cooperatively develop a plan for a real problem.

We now get to see the culminations of these partnerships as they present their discoveries and insights. Please join us!


Natalie & Laura,

Homalco First Nation

Kyla & Katie,

Squamish Nation & Musqueam Indian Band

Breanna & Makaila,

Siska Indian Band

George & Brett,

Qualicum First Nation


June 03, 2022, 9am-3pm PST (with lunch)

In person presentations at: Musqueam Cultural Pavilion, 4000 Musqueam Avenue

Portions available via Zoom (click here)


Questions & Comments

Friday, June 3, 2022