How cities can avoid ‘green gentrification’

UBC urban forestry professor Dr. Lorien Nesbitt discussed the importance of urban forests and the risk of green gentrification in a recent article.

She elaborated on how cities are increasingly aware of the importance of urban nature — particularly their urban forests — and are working to make it accessible to everyone. Urban forests provide many benefits to urban dwellers, from moderating extreme heat and improving psychological health to offering opportunities to socialize or engage in culturally important practices. However, urban trees and parks are inequitably distributed across many cities around the world. Socio-economically marginalized people tend to have less access to urban forests, and would likely gain health benefits from them.

Cities, increasingly aware of this challenge, and Dr. Nesbitt theorized on what the future may hold and what it might take to realize that.

Full article at The Conversation via National Post


Sunday, June 27, 2021