External article: Can we untangle ecology from its baked-in colonial biases?

Colonial legacies within science are difficult to untangle, but the work is crucial.

Dr. Andrea Reid, a member of the Nisg̲a’a Nation and an assistant professor of UBC's Indigenous Fisheries, offers her thoughts on a paper interrogating how Western assumptions have and still do affect the way we plan our future footprint in this world, whether in building communities or affecting the environment as a whole. 

The paper explores colonial recreation of land into "wilderness" in planning, and the ramifications of displacement of Indigenous peoples. These decisions affect future communities, and also (because of the symbiotic relationships many Indigenous populations have learned to have on their environments) the habitats they helped to curate.

During these times especially, the School recognizes how crucial it is to partner with local and Indigenous communities and to show integrity and respect in the world of community planning. 

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Monday, June 21, 2021