CBDX Series event: "BORDERLANDS"

CBDX: BORDERLANDS Competition Entry

What opportunities for critical thinking and design exist in these spaces? 
  • On the Svinesund Bridge, a line is painted on the road to mark where Sweden and Norway separate on a map.
  • The Suez Canal, the source of last month's headlines, is a landscape border made up of political and natural boundaries.
  • The Zambezi River, Africa's fourth largest river, is a natural border for Zambia, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo—its water used in irrigation, forestry and public systems in each country.
  • The border between Mexico and the United States exists largely as political border enforced through power, authority and, increasingly, infrastructure. 
What other borders hold potential for reimagining?

CBDX: BORDERLANDS invites participants to choose any type of border, define a friction that presents a programmatic opportunity, and propose a design that positively impacts the agents affected by or in proximity to that border.

The competition offers $6000 in prizes.

CBDX: BORDERLANDS has gathered an international and interdisciplinary jury of leading voices in the design of systems, landscapes and territories. 

Submissions deadline is June 21, 2021.

For competition updates, follow @cbdxseries on Instagram.


Monday, June 21, 2021