CityHive Program


----City Shapers: Public Space (Summer 2021)----

What role do public spaces play in shaping our cities? Why do they exist, who are they for, and how do they get used? How has Covid-19 impacted the ways we interact with our public spaces and highlighted specific gaps and community needs?

Participants in City Shapers: Public Space will explore these questions and more during the upcoming ten week summer program, while learning directly from professionals that work in city planning, design, and public space activation.

As a CityHive civic education program, participants will learn how cities work, how decisions are made, and how they can get involved. By the end of the program, the youth participants will have designed and hosted a public space event that addresses one or more of the pressing issues that we face in light of Covid-19.

The program is completely free and open to anyone interested in learning more -- no experience necessary!

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Friday, June 11, 2021