Margolese National Design for Living Prize Nominations now open


The School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (SALA) at the University of British Columbia is honoured to offer the Margolese National Design for Living Prize — a distinction that awards $50,000 to a Canadian citizen who is making a remarkable impact on the built environment through design. This aspiration speaks directly to the values and vision that have shaped our School, and inevitably one that we share with your institution as well. Our ambition is to draw attention to the work of outstanding Canadian designers, and to inspire future practitioners through the recognition and example of Margolese Prize winners. I am writing to you to ask that you share this message with your faculty and students and invite them to help us identify, or nominate, candidates. 

We seek potential candidates whose built work is positively shaping the design of future cities, landscapes and buildings and demonstrates wide environmental and social benefit across a diversity of disciplines and geographies. For example, a candidate’s design work may be impactful at any scale in any of the following areas:

●      Affordable housing and social infrastructure

●      Community design and public space

●      Ecological design and biodiversity

●      Climate change and resilience

●      Human health and well-being

●      Food security and water quality

●      Social equity and environmental justice

●      Mobility and transportation

●      Disaster and pandemic relief

●      Universal design and accessibility

The nomination process is quick and easy. Individuals may nominate themselves or someone else through the portal on the prize website. All that we request at this time is the name of the candidate and up to 500 words describing the positive, impactful contributions this person has made on the built environment through design.

The deadline to submit a nomination is March 26, 2020.

I would be greatly appreciative of your assistance as we expand awareness of the prize and the number of deserving candidates:

●     Consider making a nomination yourself through the website

●     Consider letting me know if you would recommend someone for nominations that we could pursue

●    Consider informing your faculty and colleagues of this prize so they can spread awareness with their networks and students

●    Consider sharing awareness of this award through your school newsletter and social media. Following is a Dropbox link to graphic and video materials that make it easy for your communications staff to make this happen:


Thank you and best wishes from SALA

Ronald Kellett

Director, School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture







Friday, March 26, 2021