Open PhD position in Sustainable Land-Use and Agricultural Systems


Dear friends and colleagues,

I just wanted to share the good news that I have a position open for a PhD candidate in Sustainable land-use and agricultural systems, starting (hopefully) this fall:

I’m looking for a highly motivated and skilled student, that can take advantage of the freedom to formulate his/her own PhD project within the broad area of land system science. So if you know of anyone who fits that bill, please spread the word!

Hope you and your loved ones are all doing well in these strange and troubled times.

Best regards and stay safe,



Martin Persson
Docent | Associate Professor                                         
Institutionen för Rymd, Geo & Miljövetenskap | Department of Space, Earth & Environment
Avdelningen för Fysisk resursteori | Divison of Physical Resource Theory
Chalmers tekniska högskola | Chalmers University of Technology
SE-412 96 Göteborg, Sweden
+46(0)31 772 21 48







Sunday, June 21, 2020