You're Invite - Think Global, Link Local 2020!

Think Global, Link Local 2020

Date: Thursday, March 5th, 2020
Time: 8:30am – 11:30am
Location: Holiday Inn, 711 West Broadway, Vancouver


Hello there, 

My name is Bilan Hassan and I am a representative from the United Nations Association of Canada – Vancouver. This year we are holding our annual Think Global, Link Local event which allows like-minded university students to connect and network with great non-governmental organizations for volunteer, intern, and job opportunities. We were hoping that you could pass on the message to your students and help spread the word of this great opportunity by posting a quick blurb about the event and a link on your Facebook page. 


We have a template that you can use here: “This year, the United Nations Association of Canada – Vancouver is inviting all university students in the Lower Mainland to their Think Global, Link Local networking breakfast. For those who want to get involved with their local non-governmental organizations and charities to help make a positive change, this event is for you! You will a chance to have breakfast and meet with representatives from these organizations for great networking opportunities. Here are the event details…..” For ticket information and a complete list of the participating organizations, please visit for more details: 





Thursday, March 5, 2020