Belonging Matters Foundations with Jessie Sutherland


I'm really excited to invite you to an upcoming opportunity to join a cohort of seasoned and emerging leaders all focused on creating effective change through an important idea... that belonging matters

From a context of caring about one another, our communities, and our planet, I have taken the best nuggets of my 30 years of working on social change and turned them into 4 one-day live trainings. 

These trainings make up a new training opportunity, Belonging Matters Foundations, which can be taken consecutively as a series or as standalone training days.

I know social change can be a struggle. When addressing complex social problems within organizations and communities, if you get off on the wrong foot, trust can be irreparably damaged with the communities you are serving and with your key partners. I can help you avoid pitfalls, take you through a proven roadmap for social change, and help show you an effective and caring way forward. 

The Belonging Matters process, starting with this Foundations training, has a track record of unleashing dormant strengths, generating innovation and effectively addressing the most pressing community challenges.

I would love to share my practical tools to build cultures of belonging with you through these events so that we can work together to create both personal and system change with lasting results.

Click here to see what I have planned for you. 

Each capacity deepening learning opportunity includes light refreshments and a workbook with practical application tools. 

1. Roadmap for Community-Led Change (Friday, February 21)

2. Being a Belonging Champion (Friday, March 6)

3. How to Unleash Dormant Talents (Friday, April 17)

4. Engage Diversity – Convening Tools and Practices (Friday, May 1)


I hope you'll join me  and if you have any questions, simply email me at

Looking forward to hearing from you (and partnering with you for positive, impactful change if you can join me).

Kind regards,


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Friday, February 21, 2020