Research and Policy Analyst

Research and Policy Analyst
Employment Opportunity
Hospital Employees’ Union

The Hospital Employees’ Union is looking for a generalist researcher with experience in both quantitative and qualitative methods. The Research and Policy Analyst supports the union’s collective bargaining efforts, policy work, and campaigns. The position is based in Burnaby, British Columbia.
The Role
You will conduct research on workplace issues, health policy and on other matters relevant to the interests of the union and its members. You will produce economic and statistical analyses related to collective bargaining and prepare research reports, briefing documents, and policy submissions.
Qualifications and Experience
 You have a good understanding of how different experiences, social locations, and power dynamics affect workers, and how to incorporate workers’ perspectives into your analyses and research design. You are skilled in presenting and explaining complex information to diverse groups.
 You will represent the union on provincial-level policy and research committees organized by employers, government, educators, and community partner organizations.
 The position requires familiarity with statistical methods and working with data sets, as well as with the use of interviews and focus groups to collect data.
 Experience with unions is also an asset, as is good knowledge of the current political, economic and social conditions that impact the health system and the union’s collective bargaining strategies.
 It is beneficial to have knowledge of how health care work is currently organized at a regional and provincial level, and to understand the impact of changes in work organization and privatization. You have experience working with marginalized groups and community organizations, and a commitment to progressive social change.
 Although this job is not an academic job, you are able to interact and collaborate with academic researchers. You have excellent written and oral communications skills, and a demonstrated ability to provide accurate work under tight deadlines.
 You can adapt quickly to the union’s policy and research needs as they unfold and evolve. You are capable of exercising considerable independence of judgement within the parameters of the union’s research program.
 Collaboration and teamwork within the union’s research department and with union members and staff is an essential aspect of this role.
 Candidates must have a graduate degree in the social sciences with course work in research methods or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

Friday, July 5, 2019