Home or Commodity? The Transformation of Housing and its Discontents

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Also worth noting that Saskia Sassen, a global leader in urban theory tweeted about the lecture: https://twitter.com/SaskiaSassen/status/1133335418655649792

HRC cohosted with the SFU City Program, sponsored by BC Housing.

Details below:

Home or Commodity? The Transformation of Housing and its Discontents

Tuesday, 23 April 2019 7:00pm

In cities across the world, housing systems are undergoing immense change. Homes are being transformed into liquid commodities, and as such, are increasingly unable to meet the social need for residential space. This has painful consequences for households and urban life, in the form of residential alienation, precarity and displacement. But in many places, resistance movements are growing. In this talk, sociologist David Madden will explore the causes and consequences of the commodification of housing, drawing lessons from London and New York City. There is nothing inevitable about a housing crisis, but changing it requires understanding the role of housing within urban capitalism today.


  • David Hulchanski, University of Toronto
  • Penny Gurstein, University of British Columbia
  • Selina Robinson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing
  • Question period hosted by Jen St. Denis, Star Vancouver

In partnership with the SFU City Program. Made possible by a generous sponsorship from BC Housing.


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