First Nations & Indigenous Studies - Grad course


FNIS 501A 101 (3) Graduate Theory and Methods Seminar
The purpose of this course is to introduce some of the more common theoretical concepts, approaches and related issues in the field of Indigenous Studies in order to help prepare students for further advanced study in the FNIS core curriculum.  Beginning with the critical discourse around identity and related subjects of whiteness, race, sexuality and gender in Canada and the US, the course will turn to cultural analysis of settler national identities and myth-making, the making of history/narrative, theorizing settler colonialism, and end with critical discourses of Indigenous feminisms, Indigenous resurgence, and Indigenous research methodologies. Students will also learn responsible and community-based research from a critical Indigenous perspective; methods for identifying and assessing research materials, critical analysis, oral history/qualitative research interviewing and analysis, and research ethics in the design and implementation of community-based student research projects.

Instructor: Nason, Dory

*If you are a graduate student who is interested in taking FNIS 501A, please email with the following information before Friday, July 12th, 2019:

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  • How this course relates to your graduate research
  • Courses or work experience with Indigenous content

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Friday, July 12, 2019