HOUSING RESEARCHERS UNITE! open seminar with David Hulchanski, April 25th

Dear students and alumni, 

You are invited to an informal seminar with Dr. J. David Hulchanski taking place on Thursday, April 25th, 17h30-19h30, at SFU Harbour Centre room 1315

David Hulchanski is one of the few scholars in the country considered a Professor of Housing, and whose work has reflected a commitment to improving our understanding of housing since the 1980s. Now the Dr. Chow Yei Ching Chair in Housing in the University of Toronto Faculty of Social Work, David was a faculty member at UBC, in SCARP and the Centre for Human Settlements, for most of the 1980s. David Hulchanski delivered the Warren Gill lecture in 2017 here in Vancouver, on the topic of the socio-spatial restructuring taking place in urban and suburban neighbourhoods in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. His work in the field of housing spans neighbourhood planning and development, equity and human rights, homelessness, housing data quality and the politics of housing data, the implications of industrial restructuring of cities for housing. More recently, he has had some choice comments on the question of the "takeover" of Toronto's waterfront by Google's Sidewalk Labs, along with its promises of social and sustainable housing and smart cities. 

As we have seen housing issues grow from a "leak" to a storm in our region and province, and in other urban regions in Canada, the demand for more and better housing research has also grown. In the field and practice of urban studies, we bear a good proportion of the responsibility to come up with better ways to think about, and act on, this storm. Many of you have risen to this challenge already, and others are considering going down this path for your next "big thing."

Thanks to the City Program and the Ministry of Housing (who are hosting a public event with him and David Madden on Tues Apr 23rd), we have an opportunity to get together with one of Canada's most longstanding and authoritative housing researchers for an informal seminar about where housing research is going, and where it needs to go next. 

This seminar is open to all students, and STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for all MURBsters working on research projects related to housing (Lani, J.B., Scott, Joan, Zola, Beverly -- I'm looking at you!). And our alumni out there in the trenches are warmly welcomed too -- either to think about the next research project you want to get involved in, or the next one you want to hire a new Urban Studies student to conduct! Come with your ideas and questions about what needs to happen next in housing research in Canada, and how to make sense of what you have seen in the research you are reading.

We will be inviting other grad students and researchers from UBC as well, so this will also be a change to build your research network beyond SFU.  

Last but not least, we will have pizza. Please let us know at urban@sfu.ca if you are coming!

Dr. Meg Holden

Professor and Director, Urban Studies
Professor of Geography
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Thursday, April 25, 2019