Healthy Communities Planner/Community Wellbeing Specialist

We are seeking a sustainability minded Healthy Communities Planner or Community Well-being Specialist to join our innovative team in our Victoria office. Your role on our interdisciplinary team will be to focus primarily on design, planning and implementation of our PlanH activities as well as a range of other related projects and fee-for-service activities. You will be working directly with communities across the province in a range of ways to support their healthy community initiatives (ie providing advise, content expertise, facilitating training, learning, planning sessions, supporting policy development, participating on planning committees and working groups, supporting community research and evaluation, etc). We provide a highly collaborative environment where you will work with us to heighten our capacity to deliver healthy communities programs and services to communities across the province. You will bring community planning or public health expertise to specifically support multi-sectoral groups (including local government, regional health authorities, First Nations, not-for profit and community organizations), to build capacity for collaboration for greater community health outcomes.

Friday, May 3, 2019