2019 Nexus Interdisciplinary Conference

Wicked problems affect students and faculty across all disciples. On March 21, 2019, the 2019 Nexus Interdisciplinary Conference, “wicked Problems and Interdisciplinary Solutions,” invites graduate students and faculty from across campus to share cutting edge research that aims to solve unsolvable problems.

Our conference uniquely elevates opportunities to grapple with, reflect on, and reclaim the complex problems that cause us to fail, and the failures that challenge us to succeed. Morning presenters will explore learning and innovative strategies gained from interdisciplinary and solutions-oriented projects. Afternoon speakers will bravely share their own failures in an effort to embrace risk-taking and creativity as necessary components of graduate research. Skill-building workshops will support students in their efforts to meet wicked problems head-on.  

Lunch and coffee will be provided, and a post-conference social will be held at the Gallery Lounge, with one free drink offered to registered attendees.   

Register or find out more through our UBC website and check out our Facebook page.

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Maya Lefkowich & Jennica Nichols, Conference Co-Chairs
wicked Problems and Interdisciplinary Solutions
Nexus 2019 Interdisciplinary Conference | Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program

Thursday, March 21, 2019