Opportunities - Volunteer/Contract


Attached is a PowerPoint and PDF with information on the volunteer and contract role opportunities. We need as much help as possible as we are trying to recruit 1000+ Volunteers and 120 Contract workers. Please use the content provided however you see fit. You can send the PowerPoint to other professors to present in their class or to any students, staff or community members that may be interested. Additionally, I can provide promotional posters and bookmarks on the volunteer opportunities!

If any professors are interested, I can also attend the beginning of any classes to do a quick presentation on these opportunities.

For more information please see links:

Contract Roles under the Federation: https://www.congress2019.ca/opportunities/work

Volunteer Roles: https://www.congress2019.ca/opportunities/volunteer

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

Cobie Klein Damsel
Volunteer Coordinator – Congress 2019

Cell 604 401 5044 | Telephone 604 827 2048 | cobie.damsel@ubc.ca

Friday, February 1, 2019