Urban Planner Job Announcement

Greetings from the City of Oxford, Ohio!


Would you please help me find a qualified urban planner to serve our community by forwarding this email to your alumni or other professional contacts? Our long-standing planner position is open due to a recent promotion. I am reaching out to community and regional planning schools across the country.


With a population around 25,000 Oxford is located in southwest Ohio separated from, but near the Cincinnati and Dayton metro areas. As home of Miami University, Forbes Magazine recently rated Oxford the #1 best college town in America. We are part of the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Council of Governments Metropolitan Planning Organization which also serves to aid us in transportation planning and funding. The City of Oxford and Ohio are politically diverse, which creates a climate requiring a high degree of tact and diplomacy to implement public policy decisions. Here are a few recent happenings in Oxford of interest to potential planner candidates:


  • Adoption of a historic district architectural inventory
  • Passage of a levy to complete a city-wide multi-use trail system
  • Completion of a new city administration office building (your future office!)
  • Installation of innovative bike infrastructure
  • Acceptance into AARP’s Age Friendly Community program
  • Creation of a public arts commission
  • Student housing development pressure


Oxford would be a great place to work for a planner interested in a wide variety of topics with a willingness to have a hand in technical issues but also cast vision for the long term challenges of sustaining a vibrant college town. The ideal candidate would be required to assist administering city planning and zoning laws as well as staff one or more city boards/commissions such as Planning, Zoning and/or Historic Preservation. Working with homeowners, architects and engineers is a daily requirement.


Information and application information can be found:



Questions about applying for the position can be directed to the Human Resources Department at:


Tuesday, October 9, 2018