ACSP Conference Opportunities

ACSP 2018 Conference Opportunities – Would you believe we’re only about a month away?



Update your roster of faculty with ACSP – Recent changes to your faculty roster? Membership dues invoices will be sent to you in November.

  1. If you’re unsure who’s on your roster with ACSP, send a note to
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2019 Administrators Conference Call for Participation

The ACSP and the Committee on the Academy are planning for the 2019 Administrators Conference and New Chairs School scheduled for March 14-16, 2019. This event will be locally hosted by The Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota. In preparation for the conference, the Committee on the Academy solicits (1) topic for consideration and (2) panel proposals. Click here for more details. Please email chair of the committee Dawn Jourdan, no later than October 1, 2018.


Interested in Hosting an ACSP Workshop? Three opportunities for 2019 are available. Take a look at the RFP docs attached to this message. We’re hoping to announce next year’s locations at the Annual Conference in Buffalo, so please respond by September 21 with a note expressing your interest.

  1. PhD Workshop – The ACSP Doctoral Committee of ACSP organizes this workshop in conjunction with a local host. The workshop will attract PhD students from planning programs from around the world to gather and discuss the practical details of creating, producing, distributing and consuming planning knowledge among scholars. Participants will work on conceiving, designing, and presenting PhD-quality research to multiple audiences, including, most centrally, their peers. Students will advise one another as scholars pursuing unique research paths within a community of shared inquiry. The faculty work jointly as teachers, advisors, and coaches.
  2. Pre-doctoral Workshop – This workshop originates from the efforts of ACSP’s Committee on Diversity and the strategic plan of ACSP’s Persons of Color Interest Group (POCIG) which has a specific objective of recruiting and retaining students of color into Planning Doctoral programs. The workshop is primarily geared toward students who are currently enrolled in bachelors and master's programs of planning and related disciplines.
  3. Junior Faculty of Color Workshop - The ACSP Committee on Diversity, in collaboration with the ACSP Planners of Color Interest Group organizes the Junior Faculty of Color workshop. The workshop aims to provide early-career, tenure-track faculty with the skills and knowledge to flourish in the planning professoriate. Workshops are hosted by an ACSP member planning program, and the event provides close interaction with senior faculty from various types of ACSP institutions. The workshops focus on three areas: developing your initial research and publishing agenda, making service and teaching effective, obtaining grants, and planning a long-term career trajectory that will make an impact.


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Tuesday, September 25, 2018