Project manager and report writer

Small Housing BC (SHBC), a Vancouver-based non-profit and the public voice of small housing in the province, is looking for a project manager and report writer to oversee a short contract. This will entail the coordination of a 12- member advisory group of senior-level professionals in various sectors related to housing (finance, for-profit, real estate, urban planning, design) to develop a 10-12 page report through modelled data.

The report will outline the framework of a conceptual housing program and will draw on expertise of the advisory group (already formed) to introduce the idea, as well as the best options and opportunities for its success. The applicant will also be required to help develop a financially viable model (using Excel and industry assumptions).

The applicant will work alongside SHBC directors to create the program framework. Final report is due end of October (first draft is due mid-October). Note: The report will expand on the financial model.

Compensation is based on experience and scope of work. A part-time assistant could be included as part of the role to further support project coordination and ensure deadlines are met.

Qualifications & skills

  • Background in urban planning and knowledge of market and non-market housing sectors
  • Understanding of urban land economics
  • Excellent Excel skills, including formulas
  • Strong writing and editing skills
  • Project and stakeholder management
  • Excellent attention to detail and time management
  • Professional and punctual
  • Bright and critical thinker
  • Collaborative and works well independently

More on the project

Small Housing BC (SHBC) and its advisory group-in consultation with City of Vancouver staff-are producing a report that explores the feasibility of an affordable homeownership model entitled Permanently Affordable Homeownership or PAH in Vancouver. The project is exploring the introduction of a non-profit housing unit, in conjunction with multiple market housing units, on a single-family detached lot.

The goal is to create a financially viable model that would be attractive to both current and future homeowners, and cities; the model must also meet the City of Vancouver's 10-year housing strategies, including its Making Room housing program. While the project is in partnership with the City of Vancouver, we are equally interested in exploring its potential application in other BC municipalities too.


To apply, email Jake Fry

Tuesday, September 11, 2018