Volunteers needed for research project

I am Marjan Ebneshahidi and I am a PhD Candidate at UBC, studying with Prof. Cynthia Girling, Mike Meitner and Maged Senbel. I am seeking volunteer research assistants for my research project. I have posted this position on UBC CareersOnline. Please click on the link below to read the full position announcement. 




Below is a description of the position as well: 

I am seeking volunteers to assist with distributing a survey poster/flyer through ethnocultural centers and/or social networking sites such as Facebook, Telegram and/or Instagram. This survey is for a Ph.D. research project entitled “Multicultural livable neighbourhoods: Immigrant Women’s Experiences” that is being conducted by Marjan Ebneshahidi as a Ph.D. candidate at UBC. I am looking for individuals who can commit to assisting for the month of July 2018. If you are interested and think you might like to join us, contact Marjan Ebneshahidi via Marjan.ebneshahidi@alumni.ubc.ca


  • Must be a Chinese, Korean, Arab or Punjabi student. 
  • Mature and responsible.
  • Have strong communication skills.  


  • Providing a list of private or public centers and/or social media groups organized specifically for people from your country (China, India, Korea or Arab countries) who are living in Metro Vancouver.  
  • Sending out the poster/flyers to the groups and asking them to take the survey.


By participating in the present study, you will learn about the research into immigrant women’s perceptions and experiences in Metro Vancouver neighbourhoods.


Thanks in advance, 


Marjan Ebneshahidi
Ph.D Candidate / Teaching Assistant

Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program (ISGP)
Home Department: Architecture and Landscape Architecture (SALA)
The University of British Columbia (UBC) | Vancouver, BC

Tuesday, July 10, 2018