The Disaster Mitigation Economy: Evolution or Erosion of Entry and Middle-Skill Job Opportunities?





The Disaster Mitigation Economy: Evolution or Erosion of Entry and Middle-Skill Job Opportunities?

June 19, 2018 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT





As New York City prepares to be the first city to report its progress towards UN global development goals, research is ongoing at the local level to better understand how these goals can be achieved via workforce interventions.

With support from JPMorgan Chase Philanthropy, the NYC Labor Market Information Service of New (NYCLMIS) is contributing to this City focus by examining the local intersection of two UN-informed goals: lifting 800,000 residents out of poverty and addressing climate change. We are specifically researching how the increased incidence of climate change-related natural disasters in NYC intersects with workforce development – particularly for those New Yorkers at the bottom of the career ladder, or who are struggling to attach to the labor market.

This presentation will share initial findings based on a variety of research inquiries, including survey data from the workforce community, focus groups of NY policy makers, analyses of NYSDOL and Bureau of Labor Statistics data, and a review of the literature. Preliminary findings include the surfacing of an opportunity for workforce development to support NYC’s physical and transportation infrastructure through the training of entry-level workers in five areas of overlap that also promote professional growth and living wages for NYC residents.

Emphasis will be placed on how these findings might be extended to other local-level environments in the United States and soliciting feedback from webinar participants regarding next steps that would be of value to the larger community.

A bit about us: Based at the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center, The NYCLMIS mission is to help providers of philanthropy, education, and workforce services, as well as policy makers, make data-driven decisions so that they can better help their customers and constituents achieve success. In addition to using traditional and real-time labor market information, we plug into networks of experts and employers who provide insights into the current and emerging workforce trends and needs.

Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds – policy, planning, workforce operations, and research – bringing a multilayered perspective to all of our work. Our grounding in practice comes from years of close collaboration with providers, educators, and policy makers. We train our clients on how to find and use a range of labor market information sources and help them become more strategic as they develop new programs or improve upon existing ones.


Jaclyn Kelly, Senior Research Associate, NYC Labor Market Information Service


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Tuesday, June 19, 2018