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The School of Community and Regional Planning compiles this digest of emails received by the main office about events, scholarships, workshops, etc. and sends it out once a week to reduce the number of emails sent to the mailing list. Please send your events and announcements to penny.mullen@ubc.ca for inclusion in the weekly digest.

SCARP Dates & Deadlines

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SCARP Student Symposium

JOIN US! for the SCARP Student Symposium. This year's theme is AUDACITY.

You're invited to the School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP) for a series of fascinating speakers from around BC lecturing on emerging issues in urbanism and planning.


Food Entrepreneur internship at UBC Farm.


The fourth annual Water Environment Student Talks (WEST), a water conference for students and young professionals in the Pacific Northwest.

Rethinking the City in Time: Futuristic promises of a cosmopolitan planetary urbanization ignore crucial interconnections of present, past, and future -- intensifying the trenchant ecological and social challenges of an ever-expanding urban “ecological footprint” upon earth’s degraded environment, and the troubling growth of social inequality and marginality among the world’s urban dwellers. These issues are prevalent even among the most reputedly ‘successful’ and ‘advanced’ cities and societies, such as London, Amsterdam, Singapore, and (within the “Cascadia” bioregion), Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver.

External Events

How your choices can impact the local communities and businesses, and how we can instigate change by considering who we support!

Jane's Walk is about sharing the stories that bring communities together. Join us on May 5th, 6th, and 7th to celebrate Jane Jacobs' legacy by leading a walk. 

This webinar discusses the limited the use of questions about criminal history in hiring which has increased employment of residents in high-crime neighborhoods by up to 4% in the U.S. 

The 2017 national event for economic development and labor market information analysts will be held June 12-16 at the Grand Hyatt in Denver, CO.

The Elizabeth Henry Scholarship supports graduate students working on BC based research projects that are addressing environmental health issues and promoting environmental sustainability through cooperative community initiatives. 

A community planning conference is being organized by students in the Regional and Urban Planning program at the University of Saskatchewan and hosted in Saskatoon, SK on March 10, 2017.

The Metro Vancouver Homeless Count will take place March 7-8.

Organized by the Joint Graduate Program of Communication and Culture at Ryerson University and York University, Intersections | Cross-sections invites submissions of academic and creative contributions for its annual conference and art exhibition.

The 3rd annual RED Talks (real estate development) is on March 30th at the Vancouver Playhouse.

Job Postings

Please find attached the job description for the project manager for  “Action on systemic barriers to women’s participation in local government”. This is a three year project of Women Transforming CIties and CRIAW. 

The Institute at Brown for Environment and Society (IBES) invites applications for a Visiting Assistant Professor with expertise in Human Geography or Physical Geography, doing research relevant to questions of environmental justice, and an interest in working to promote diversity within environmental disciplines.

TIKVA HOUSING SOCIETY, a charitable non-profit that works towards providing affordable housing to low income singles and families giving preference to Jewish people in Greater Vancouver, is looking for a part-time Executive Director.

Planning and Development Services of Kenton County (PDS), Cincinnati is seeking a professional planner to join its Planning and Zoning Administration team.

The Senior Planning Officer provides expert advice, evaluation, and recommendations about land use plans, bylaws, planning and related local, regional, provincial and federal land use projects that affect the ALR.

General areas of responsibility include developing and maintaining resource tenures and engineering legislation, regulations, operational policies and procedures and operational policy support for Forests and Range Practices Act (FRPA) implementation. 

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Development Studies, Cider, at the Universidad de los Andes, is opening the selection process for an academic position of one (1) Full-time Professor (fulltime contract) in the area of Environment and Development with focus on at least two of the following areas: planning and environmental management; rural issues and sustainability; and, policy, governance and environment.