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Affordability crisis reaches Vancouver suburbs increasing homelessness threat: Report

The Globe and Mail reported on a joint study between UBC and the Union Gospel Mission that examines the growing threat of homelessness in Vancouver... more

B.C. tourism operators fear damage to industry after two summers of smoke and wildfire

SCARP PhD student Jeremy Stone was quoted in a Globe and Mail article about the effect of wildfires on the tourism industry. Stone, who has... more

Vancouver neighbourhood back on the rails

The Globe and Mail ran a story about Railtown, an area of Vancouver that appears to be undergoing a redevelopment boom. However, the efforts to make Railtown a design and tech hub are “too... more

Dr. Leonie Sandercock, director of SCARP's Indigenous Community Planning program, received a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) grant to finance the development of the story and the screenplay for the first feature length film done entirely in the Haida language. The film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival on September 8, 2018 and will be screened at the Vancouver Film... more

SCARP Instructor Erick Villagomez has released his new book: The Laws of Settlements. 

Are there fundamental laws that govern all settlements—from the smallest village to the largest cities? The Laws of Settlements ambitiously describes the principles underlying human settlements of all sizes and across all cultures. It revives, updates and refreshes the ’54 Laws of... more

Maxime Bernier tweetstorm cost Conservatives the 2019 election

Georgia Straight

Tue Aug 14 2018
By: Charlie Smith
Link to full text

A Georgia Straight article about controversial tweets from Conservative politician Maxime Bernier... more

SCARP Adjunct Professor, Dr. Aftab Erfan's paper was shortlisted for the annual AESOP (Association of European Schools of Planning) Prize Paper Competition for the best paper published in 2017. Forty journals based in Europe are each invited to submit two nominations, Aftab's paper was nominated by Planning Theory & Practice online journal. 

Dr. Heather... more

Work done in the 1990's by SCARP faculty and students has stood the test of time and remains relevant today. This is the conclusion of a Victoria Times-Colonist article that describes the work of SCARP faculty Dr. Bill Rees, and his students Mathis Wackernagel and Jennie Moore who coined the expression 'Ecological Footprint'.

The article says we have already used up earth's... more

Researchers at the School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP-UBC) are looking for volunteers this summer to support an innovative research project on Public Life and Public Space on the UBC Campus.

Our aim is to learn how people’s perceptions and behaviours might change when there are more people moving through and staying in a public space. We need volunteers to be actors in a... more

SCARP Post Doctoral Fellow, Oscar Zapata has looked into the question of faith in the face of natural disasters, his findings are perhaps not quite what we would have expected.

Read Lou Corpuz-Bosshart's story about Oscar's research.


... more

Oscar Zapata, a postdoctoral fellow with SCARP's Water Planning Lab was interviewed on Roundhouse Radio about water supply.

He talked about the water crises in other parts of the world including Cape Town in South Africa and recommended better... more

Startup rolls into vehicle-sharing world with electric tricycles

Metro News

Sun Mar 4 2018
By: Wanyee Li

Link to... more

UBC Applied Science is hosting its largest showcase of the year – Design and Innovation Day – on April 5, 2018 at the Vancouver Campus! The showcase will feature senior design and research projects across Engineering, Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Community and Regional... more

The most e-mailed and most reposted article in the Tyee is by SCARP's Bill Rees:

"Clump [all] the [empty] units [in the lower mainland] together and the resultant... more


SCARP Assistant Professor Dr. Jordi Honey-Rosés has received a SSHRC Discovery grant for his new research project: "No one showed up at our public meeting. Testing theories of public engagement in the context of groundwater... more

Dr. Leonie Sandercock, SCARP Professor, has received a SSHRC Insight grant to continue her study: "Evaluating film as a catalyst for Indigenous community development in a remote northern community". The initial stage of the work involves a feature-length... more





Dr. Mark Stevens... more




Prof. Martino Tran in SCARP is a Co-Investigator on the new Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) grant project, Beyond Traffic: Clean, Connected and Safe Transportation... more

Over 5-6 October SCARP and colleagues from the College of Architecture and Urban Planning (Tongji University, Shanghai) convened a successful Symposium at the Liu Institute for Global Issues. Participants delivered original research findings within the broad theme of ‘Globalizing Cities and the Reshaping of Space, Place and Territory’, pointing to new directions in planning for resilient... more


PLAN 211 City-Making: A Global Perspective—a new undergraduate course designed by SCARP Postdoctoral Fellow Su-Jan Yeo—has been awarded the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Seed Grant to examine innovative... more

Dr. Ren Thomas, editor, accompanied by some SCARP alumni and faculty, who were authors, being awarded a CIP Award of Merit for the book, Planning Canada: A Case Study Approach in June 20 at the CIP conference in Calgary.

The SCARP story can be found at: more

SCARP professor Tom Hutton has written a positioning chapter on 'The Cultural Economy of the City: pathways to theory and understanding inequality' in a new book titled 'Inequalities in Creative Cities' edited by Ulrike Gerhard, Michael Hoelscher and David Wilson.


Thu Apr.6 2017
By: Richard Florida
Link to full text

... more

Second year Masters of Community and Regional Planning student Jordan Brown has completed research on best practices and discrepancies for residential building approvals across municipalities in Metro Vancouver. By comparing permit costs and times, Jordan helped identify recommendations, such as pre-zoning and online approval systems, for local governments to implement in order to unlock... more