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Aijazi Omer Aijazi The extra-religious functions of madaris : implications for community planning... view
Archambault Silas Archambault Lessons from the Olympic Line view
Barisky Tina Barisky Tweeting Influence in 140 Characters or Less: An Analysis of One Non-Profit... view
Bedore Jennifer Bedore Constraints and Possibilities of Mainstreaming Participatory Processes in... view
Bell Patrick J. Bell Forest Harvesting and Water Quality: A Case Study of the China Creek Community... view
Bennett Zachary Bennett Value, Aspiration & Policy: How (and Why) Tomorrow's Middle Class... view
Benson George Benson Transnational Climate-Change Governance through Inter-Urban Knowledge-Sharing view
Bett Erin Bett Youth Engagement in Digital Storytelling through Food Systems Planning view
Bevan Thomas John Bevan Social Purpose Real Estate view
Brown Metha Brown Public Engagement 2.0: Social Media Components in Consultation Strategy view
Carter Christopher J. Carter view
Catherall Robert Catherall The Socio-Economic & Spatial Impacts of the Innovation Economy view
Chand Manjit (Jeet) Chand Municipal Engagement with Urban Aboriginal Communities in Eight Canadian Cities... view
Chen Caroline L Chen view
Church Sarah Church Urban Dwellers and Neighborhood Nature: Exploring the impacts of neighborhood... view
Clark Lindsay Clark Planning and Design as Healing Arts view
Clark Joanna Bly Clark Greening Where People Gather: Conserving Biodiversity and Creating Habitat in... view
Cooper Adam Cooper The Feasibility of Public Bicycles at UBC view
Dalley Arielle Dalley view
Dawson Lauren Dawson view
DeMarco Michael DeMarco From Periphery to Priority: The Strategic Progress of Northeast 42nd Ave, in... view
Desjarlais Lecia Desjarlais view
Doyon Andreanne Doyon The impact and implications of migrant workers on Karawang, West Java, Indonesia view
Fehr Heather Fehr Tsunami Mitigation Through Long Term Landuse Planning in Tofino BC view
Feng Lisi Feng view
Fergusson Daniella Fergusson Comparison and analysis of Bill 27 GHG emission reduction targets in 20... view
Fernandez Jose Maria Fernandez Neighbourhoods in Action: Exploring challenges and opportunities of... view
Fink Tanya Fink Participatory Social Impact Assessment of New Development on Historically Low-... view
Fodor Zsuzsi Fodor People Systems in Support of Food Systems: The Neighbourhood Food Network... view
Fung Karen Quinn Fung Microblogging and Public Engagement for Transportation Planning & Policy view
Gillespie Torill Gillespie Planning for Climate Protection: An Evaluation of British Columbia’s Green... view
Gillett Sarah Celine Gillett Youth Engagement in Community Capacity Building view
Gkekas Filippos Gkekas view
Goldstein Max Goldstein Little Mountain Housing - A Planning and Urban Design Framework for a... view
Gray Emily Carrigan Gray Disaster Resilience and Risk Management view
Greig Zoë Greig view
Haber Andrea Haber view
Hammer Evan Hammer view
Hamre Stuart Hamre Sustainable Transportation Planning & Transit-Oriented Urban Design view
Hayes Jessica Hayes view
Heggie Kathleen Heggie view
Herod Megan Herod view
Hillsdon Paul Hillsdon view
Hofer Nancy Hofer Sustainability assessment frameworks, strong sustainability, ecological design... view
Hyslop Adam Hyslop Implications of Biomass Combustion for District Energy in Urban Areas view
Inomata Fausto Inomata view
Kay Vanessa Kay Neighbourhood Retail Change: The Evolution of Local Shopping Areas in Vancouver... view
Kloepper Karla Kloepper view
Klose Lauren Klose Agriculture Adaptation Planning: Proposed Guide for Adaptation Planning in BC  view
Knight Janet Kivett Knight Planning for socio- cultural sustainability in Indigenous communities view
Kuki Yu Kuki Embodied Ecological Footprint in Trade Flows view
L'Allier Simon L'Allier Streetcars and Goods Movement Integration view
Labbe Danielle Labbe Village urbanization on the outskirt of Hanoi, Vietnam view
Lachapelle Ugo Lachapelle Public transit use as a catalyst for an active lifestyle: mechanisms,... view
Landry Julien Michel Landry Citizen engagement in municipal budgeting in Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal view
Lao Aaron Lao Planning Visually: taking plans off the shelf and into the public view
Lasocha Allison Lasocha view
Lee Christopher Lee Optimal street network configuration for maximizing children’s independent... view
Legg Ruth Legg Economic Adaptation to Climate Change: An Evaluation of Sustainability Plans in... view
Leib-Milburn Leanna Leib-Milburn view
Lennon Kathryn Gwun-Yeen Lennon Inclusion Acts and Intercultural Sites: An Urban Design Study of Chinatown(s) view
Lo Patrick W. Y. Lo Applying value-based decision-making to address conflicts over social housing... view
Lotze Autumn Lotze Addressing Risk in Research and Practice: Business Earthquake Vulnerability in... view
Lowcock Ashley S Lowcock Social Attributes and Spatial Analysis of Community Food Assets view
Luo T. Ocean Luo view
Lupick Dustin S Lupick view
Machler Leonard Machler Understanding the Impact of Neighbourhood Housing Mix on Household Residential... view
Mah Chris Mah Transportation and Land Use view
Marshall Sarah Marshall view
Martin Andrew Martin view
Martin Daniel Martin view
Maxted Allison Meaghan Maxted Developing a community land trust for the Beasley neighbourhood of Hamilton,... view
Mazur Johanna Mazur Gwa'sala-'Nakwaxda'xw First Nation Stories and Best Practices of... view
McBurnie Michael McBurnie view
McDonagh Matthew McDonagh The End of Boom Towns: The Rise of Fly-in/Fly-out Mining Camps and Implications... view
Mendes Wilson P. Mendes ICP Practicum: Tobacco Plains Indian Band view
Mendoza Maureen Mendoza view
Menezes Benita Menezes The politics of participatory planning, Mumbai view
Miller Devon Miller Regenerative Design: An Exploration of Process, Practice and the Role of... view
Mody Alisha Mody Strategic Sustainability Planning in British Columbia: An evaluation of plans... view
Moore Jennie Lynn Moore Getting Serious About Sustainability: Restructuring Vancouver for One Planet... view
Mozo Jhon Alexander Mozo Supporting transit-oriented communities in suburban neighbourhoods view
Munro Tess Munro view
Navab-Tehrani Marjan Navab-Tehrani Resiliency Planning view
Ng Polly Ng TBA view
Ngo Victor Ngo view
Oberdorfer Frederick "Eric" Oberdorfer Neighbourhoods and Supportive Housing: Identifying Relationships between... view
Okazaki Kai Okazaki Climate Change Planning & Urban Design view
Olajide Oladapo Olajide Transit Value Capture Finance: A Global Review - Towards Measuring Monetary... view
Ord Asrai Ord Under development: policy implementation & water sensitive urban design view
Oude-Reimerink Carleigh Oude-Reimerink Relaxation in Transit: Creating Wellness Spaces in Vancouver International... view
Owen Jason Owen Implications of Energy Conservation Pricing for Low Income Households view
Panjwani Dilnoor Panjwani Place to Progress: Examining the Effects of Resettlement Patterns on Long-term... view
Pareja Claudio Pareja view
Passmore Laura Stacy Passmore Sustainable Urban Design for Seattle WA view
Peer-Daniel Krause Peer-Daniel view
Pepper Nancy Pepper Linking Water Adequacy and Development view
Peterson Evan Peterson Using pilot projects to reclaim public space for pedestrians view
Phan Thien Y Phan view
Phares Maysa Phares Public Interest Design view
Pol Karolina Pol Renewable Community Energy Planning view
Poon Mona Poon A Handbook for Vancouver Artists Seeking Affordable Studio Space view
Post Ernette Post view
Procter Amanda Procter Climate Change and municipal government decision-making view
Proft Joanne Proft view
Quail Britney Quail Legislative Power in Heritage Planning: Case Studies of Conservation Area... view
Redmond Gordon Robert Redmond Hazards, Disaster Mitigation Planning B.C. First Nations Comprehensive... view
Rennie Erin Rennie Legislative Barriers to Green Cemeteries view
Roberton Jen Roberton Planning for LGBTQ2+ Experiences of Public Safety view
Rolfe Debra Rolfe Active Transportation view
Sametz Dave Sametz Community Infrastructure Lifecycle Costing - An Analysis of Westbrook Place view
Seeton Meredith Seeton Affordable Housing view
Shah Tim Shah Climate Adaptation Planning in British Columbia: The Elkford Approach. view
Shields Matthew Shields view
Shoubridge Jessica Shoubridge Confronting Hazard Risk Through Proactive Planning: Assessing Best Practices... view
Smith Cail Smith Making Spaces: Bicycle Storage in Multi-Unit Residential Buildings on the... view
Stewart Katelyn Stewart view
Stuart Jessica Stuart Integrated Media and Urban Design Engagement view
Sussmann Cornelia Sussmann Planning the Urban Transition to Ecologically Sustainable Living view
Tavakoli Aylin Tavakoli Social Planning view
Taylor Meika Stephanie Taylor Indigenous Community Planning with Lake Babine Nation view
Therrien Boulos Lara Therrien Boulos view
Thomas Sarah Thomas view
Thomas Ren Thomas Housing and transportation choices of immigrants in the Toronto CMA view
Tomlinson Cyril Tomlinson view
Tran Julie Tran GHGs embodied in international trade flows view
Tse Tsz Kit (Jack) Tse view
Tse Wendy Tse Forecasting Metro Vancouver's Seismic Risk in 2040: Understanding the... view
Twissell Meagan Twissell Indigenous Community Planning view
Van Vliet Juliet Marie Van Vliet Planning with Indigenous Communities: communication approaches through the... view
Varghese Anjali Varghese A visual history of Edmonton neighbourhoods. view
Vilches Silvia L. Vilches Third Way Reform Social Planning view
Wang Zoe Yu Wang Information and Immigrant Settlement view
Wang Qiuning Wang A Shrinking Path for Bicycles: A Historical Review of Bicycle Use in Beijing view
White Robert W White Opportunities for pedestrian wayfinding maps to encourage active transportation... view
White James T White The Process and Politics of Urban Design on Large-Scale Development Projects:... view
White Tamara White Measuring the Development Impact of Informal Settlement Upgrading in Brazil view
White Tate Francesca White Examining Public Participation in Neighbourhood Design view
Wiebe Justin Wiebe TS’EE’IN LHEKH ‘IT TS’IDIT’AH: Working Together in a Good Way - Collaborative... view
Wilson Lilly Wilson Social Planning and Community Development view
Wong Siu Wai Wong Governing Rural-urban Transition in China: A Case from Guangzhou Luogang... view
Wong Bryan Kenrick Wong view
Yamashita Kasel Yamashita Housing view
Youmans Jason Youmans view
Yu Andrew Yu Corridor of Public Spaces: A Framework For Public Space Design Along the... view
Zand Amitai Zand Public engagement and participatory planning view
Zhang Kevin Jingyi Zhang The Effect of Urban Design around Transit Stations on Ridership view
Zhuo Anna Zhuo view

Current Work:  Instructor, SCARP; Consultant, Whole Picture Thinking...

Current Work:  Director of Community Development, UBC Campus & Community Planning


Current Work:  Principal, Compass Resource Management, private consulting...

Current Work:  Associate Professor, Institut d'Urbanisme, University of Montreal           


Current Work:  Researcher, United Nations Development Programme...

Current Work:  Namgis First Nation in Alert Bay, BC as Director of their Treaty and Natural Resources Department...

Current Work:  Assistant Professor, SFU School for International Studies                       ...

Current Work:  Deputy Director, Community Development Department, City of North Vancouver


Current Work:  Senior Lecturer, Social Geography, Cardiff University School of Planning and Geography...

Current Work:  Regional Manager, Canadian Red Cross, disaster risk management                                 ...

Current Work:  Assistant Professor, Urban Design, Glasgow University                                                      


Current Work:  Assistant Professor, Department of City Planning, University of Manitoba...

Current Work:  Community Food Liaison, Renfrew-Collingwood Food Security Institute


Current Work:  Director, of Sustainable Development and Environmental Stewardship, School of Construction and...

Current Work:  Assistant Professor, Political Science & Development Studies, De La Salle University...

Current Work:  PhD Candidate, UBC Department of Geography, and Director, Hallenbeck Consultants...

Current Work:  Manager of Community Planning & Transportation, UBC Campus & Community Planning...

Current Work:  President, Ear to the Ground Planning Inc...

Current Work:  Principal, AECOM...

Current Work:  Community Planner, Resolve Planning Services, private consulting


Current Work:  Manager of Community Investment, VanCity...

Current Work:  Provincial Director, Community Action Initiative                                                                               


Current Work:  Vice President of Development, real estate development...

Current Work:  Founder, Global Footprint Network


Current Work:  Professor, Geography & Planning, University of Toronto...

Current Work:  Principal, Compass Resource Management, private consulting...

Current Work:  PhD candidate, University College London...

Current Work:  Director of Research & Analysis, BC Ministry of Advanced Education...

Current Work:  Senior Associate, Ontario Growth Secretariat, Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing...

Current Work:  PhD Candidate, Yale University...

Current Work:  Postdoctoral Research Associate, Natural Resource Social Science Lab, Purdue University...

Current Work:  Senior Lecturer, University of Toronto Urban Studies Program...

Current Work:  Lecturer, Department of Urban Planning & Design, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University in Suzhou, China


Current Work:  Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Planning & Geomatics, University of Cape Town...

Current Work:  Manager of Program Development, Federation of Canadian Municipalities...

Current Work:  Associate Professor, Department of Urban Studies & Tourism,...

Current Work:  Professor, Department of City & Regional Planning, Cornell University...

Current Work:  Food systems planning and community development, private consulting...