SCARP Adjunct Professor Resources

Bullying and Harassment Prevention Training All UBC employees, including students employed by the university, are required to take a 10-minute online course on Preventing Bullying and Harassment.
Cancelling a Class It is the instructor's responsibility to advise their students if a class is cancelled.
Centre for Instructional Support The Faculty of Applied Science has created the Centre for Instructional Support. To submit a request go to their website.
Computer and AV Support Support for AV resources in West Mall Annex is handled by the SCARP Office. Other UBC classrooms are supported by UBC IT.
Copyright The Scholarly Communications & Copyright Office supports scholarly communications and copyright services for the UBC community.
Course Expenses In all cases, members of the faculty's instructional staff must have written approval from the School Administrator, before purchasing classroom supplies or arranging for paid resource people.
Course Outlines All SCARP instructors are required to complete and submit the School's course outline template in Word format to the School Administrator.
Course Reserves - UBC Library Library Online Course Reserves (LOCR) can be accessed inside Connect.
CWL - Campus Wide Login Whether you are a student, faculty or staff you will need a CWL. Much of UBC's information is protected behind logins, to get access you need one Campus Wide Login.
Email Listservs You may be added to the SCARP listservs as soon as you have confirmed your UBC e-mail address. Please contact to have your email entered on the listserv.
Evaluations SCARP course evaluations are handled by Sherli Mah in the SCARP Office.
FIPPA-Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
Guest Speakers Guest speakers must be pre-approved through SCARP Administration.
Identification Card UBCcard is the official identification card of the University of British Columbia.
Keys Building and classroom keys are available through the SCARP office.
Lab Fees If you have anticipated expenses for your course please discuss this with the School Administrator, BEFORE your first class.
Library of Planning SCARP's librarian, Paula Farrar, can be found in the Irving K Barber Learning Centre, Music, Art & Architecture Library, #414 - 1961 East Mall.
Library Online Access Sign on to the website by using the library barcode number on the back of your UBC Card or your CWL.
Office Space Adjuncts receive shared office space for the term of your appointment [Room 139, WMAX].
Parking Parking vouchers may be available for guest speakers.
Payroll UBC payroll assigns payroll representatives according to surname. For specific payroll inquiries check to see who your representative is.
Privacy Matters at UBC All UBC Faculty and Staff should be aware of the risks to personal privacy that they might touch every day. A 30 minutes training course has been setup online to help faculty and staff be better informed about their role in everyone's privacy.
SCARP Staff - Who To Call? SCARP staff is always ready to help. If you have any questions just ask!
Student Mental Health - Our Collective Responsibliity UBC now provides support to faculty for early detection of potential student problems/mental health issues, and for more specific mental health distress. Our responsibility to students is not merely academic, but also involves their broader wellbeing. Faculty and staff are often the front line of noticing that something is wrong.
Timetable (Important Dates) Remember these important dates when scheduling your class.
UBC Email Address All UBC employees are encouraged to use their UBC email address when conducting UBC business or communicating with students.
UBC Employee Information UBC Employees can find information about their payroll, benefits, T4 tax forms, and much more through the Management System Portal.
VPN - Virtual Private Network To protect data when accessing the university from off campus, UBC has a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that requires you to login with your CWL.
Wayfinding at UBC The UBC Maps website can help you find your way around campus.
WMAX Room Use Intended use for rooms in West Mall Annex.