Research Supervisors

Faculty members who are available to supervise students and areas for Research Masters (MAP/MScP) thesis supervision are listed below:

Nora Angeles

  • Transnational social movements, particularly involving Southeast Asian countries;
  • Political economy of transnational development trends, particularly in Southeast Asia;
  • Comparative community development and social planning in developing country contexts 

Alex Bigazzi

  • Transportation planning
  • Air quality issues

Heather Campbell 

  • Building inclusive economies in a post-covid world
  • The role of social science research in policy change
  • Searching for academic knowledge that makes a difference
  • Strategic planning and transformative change
  • Creating institutional environments for organisational innovation
  • University and Community partnerships, developments in theory and practice 

Stephanie Chang

  • Natural hazard risk, disaster impacts, and recovery
  • Approaches to reducing risk and enhancing resilience
  • Urban infrastructure systems (e.g., energy, water, transportation)
  • Climate change adaptation

James Connolly

  • Social-ecological conflicts in urban environments
  • Urban greening
  • Urban institutional change 

Julia Harten

  • Urban analytics
  • Housing
  • China

Jordi Honey-Roses

  • Impact evaluation of public policies
  • Field experiments and experimental methods
  • Water policy and water demand management
  • Urban River Restoration

Michael Hooper

  • Densification, Displacement, Post-disaster rebuilding

Maggie Low

  • Indigenous community planning, Indigenous planning, reconciliation, Indigenous research methodologies. Climate change and Indigenous knowledge 

Maged Senbel

  • Public engagement and climate change planning
  • Equity and inclusion in planning practice
  • Measurement and visualization in urban design

Mark Stevens

  • Land use and environmental planning
  • Smart growth
  • Plan evaluation and implementation
  • Natural hazard mitigation

Martino Tran

  • Smart cities
  • Urban systems