Research Supervisors

Students interested in pursing the Master of Arts/Sciences in Planning are encouraged to contact SCARP Faculty with similar research interests. Faculty members who are available to supervise students and areas for Masters thesis supervision are listed below.




Areas of Research


Dr. Nora Angeles

  • Transnational social movements, particularly involving Southeast Asian countries;
  • Political economy of transnational development trends, particularly in Southeast Asia;
  • Comparative community development and social planning in developing country contexts 

Dr. Alex Bigazzi

  • Transportation planning
  • Air quality issues

Dr. Stephanie Chang


  • Natural hazard risk, disaster impacts, and recovery
  • Approaches to reducing risk and enhancing resilience
  • Urban infrastructure systems (e.g., energy, water, transportation)
  • Climate change adaptation

Dr. Larry Frank

  • Sustainable Transportation
  • Land Use
  • Health and Community Design 

Dr. Penny Gurstein

  • Affordable housing policies and strategies
  • Community Development and Social Planning   

Dr. Jordi Honey-Roses

  • Impact evaluation of public policies
  • Field experiments and experimental methods
  • Water policy and water demand management
  • Urban River Restoration

Dr. Tom Hutton

  • Comparative urbanization and urbanism: western Europe and East Asia
  • Ecologies of innovation in the spaces of the city: culture, technology and place
  • Globalisation, transnationalism, and strategies for managing change at the community and district level of the city
  • Planning for change in West Coast cities: San Francisco, Seattle, Portland and Vancouver
  • Case studies of planning for growth and change in globalizing cities: London, Milan, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles

Dr. Maged Senbel

  • Public engagement and climate change planning
  • Equity and inclusion in planning practice
  • Measurement and visualization in urban design

Dr. Mark Stevens

  • Land use and environmental planning
  • Smart growth
  • Plan evaluation and implementation
  • Natural hazard mitigation

Dr. Martino Tran

  • Smart cities
  • Urban systems