Research Masters: Application Steps

The field of planning includes many rich and diverse areas of research. At SCARP we have a small number of faculty with dedicated expertise in a subset of planning areas. Therefore, our Research-based Masters (MAP/MScP) program focuses on nurturing and supervising a small number of select applicants. We take great care in ensuring a good match between student, supervisor, and area of research and invite you to follow these steps:


1. Complete Pre-Application - November 15 - Prospective applicants must complete a short Research Masters (MAP/MScP) questionnaire

2. Receive Invitation to Apply - December 15 - Prospective applicants notified whether they are invited to complete a full application.  

3. Submit Full Application - February 15 - Deadline for full application by invited applicants only. Uninvited applications will not be considered.

4. Receive Admission Decision - March 15 - Applicants will be notified of admission and funding decisions at approximately this date. Date may shift slightly to coincide with relevant funding announcements.


Please do not email individual faculty. Instead, follow the steps outlined above.

Further Inquiries:

Phone: 604-822-4422