Thinking metropolis: From the ‘livable region’to the ‘sustainable metropolis’ in Vancouver

TitleThinking metropolis: From the ‘livable region’to the ‘sustainable metropolis’ in Vancouver
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsHutton, TA
JournalInternational Planning Studies

At the metropolitan scale, the Greater Vancouver Regional District has earned acclaim for its commitments to preserving green spaces, its attention to metropolitan labour markets and employment, investments in rapid transit and the introduction of ‘compact’ and ‘complete’ communities. Recently, the regional governance authority was rebranded to ‘Metro Vancouver’, connoting a more integrative policy framework, as well as a cosmopolitan/transnational imagery; and entailing the insertion of sustainable development into planning discourses. This essay offers a critical perspective on Vancouver's planning record, and a commentary on prospects for advancing the ‘metropolitan consciousness’ required to address the developmental exigencies of the twenty-first-century city-region.