Integrating hazard mitigation into new urban and conventional developments

TitleIntegrating hazard mitigation into new urban and conventional developments
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsBerke, PR, Song, Y, Stevens, M
JournalJournal of Planning Education and Research
Keywordshazards, land use planning, mitigation, New Urbanism

The twentieth century model of the sprawling metropolis has fostered a massive build up of highly vulnerable development. New Urbanism has emerged to counter many of the societal ills of sprawl, but there is growing concern about placing this compact urban form in harm's way. Using 33 matched pairs of New Urban and conventional low-density developments we examine how well New Urban developments located in hazardous areas incorporate hazard mitigation techniques. Findings indicate that New Urban developments are compounding the growing risk to hazards by potentially adding higher density development than in the past. We recommend changes in New Urban model codes, and public policy that places more emphasis on mitigation through comprehensive planning.