Imagining Urban Transformation

TitleImagining Urban Transformation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsSandercock, L
JournalThe Network Society: A New Context for Planning?

In a clear and rewarding style, Albrechts and Mandelbaum consider the challenges that the new paradigm of the Network Society creates for Urban and Regional Planning. Chapters grouped into five themes discuss theoretical and practical perspectives on the contemporary organization of social, economic, cultural, political and physical spaces. These sections are:

models of the Network Society
the impact of physical networks such as transport
challenges for Planners raised by society's increased reliance on new technology
an examination of local networks including community networks and the possibilities of setting up local networks for disaster recovery
a comparison of spatial and policy networks and an exploration of the institutions involved.

This book is essential reading for graduate level courses in urban studies, city and regional planning, and urban design. With its clear structure – unitary sections but a diversity of perspectives – the book can be used easily in courses such as Planning Theory, Urban Infrastructure and Public Policy.