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Penny Gurstein's last message as SCARP Director, Graduating students, ICP Presentations

10th Annual Student Symposium, SCARPies Go To Portland

FALL 2017
Barcelona in the summer of 2018, Lunchtime Dialogues

Year-end reflections from SCARP students, Director Penny Gurstein's report, a photo essay on the SCARP Student Symposium.

Director Penny Gurstein's report, SCARP Lunchtime Dialogues, SEEDS projects that attract SCARP students, an interview with SCARP Symposium organizers Kai Okazaki and Marjan Navab-Tehrani.

FALL 2016
A message from Penny Gurstein, SCARP Director, a field trip to Habitat III in Quito, Ecuador, Mentorship Kick-Off, an interview with John Friedmann, a look at the new 2nd Year Studio.

SCARP faculty and students have been winning awards, a report on the first networking reception for MCRP students, our LED map for Syrian Refugees new to Vancouver, another successful SCARP student symposium.

Message from PSA President, SCARP International, SCARP Students at Northern Planning Conference, SCARP student receives UBC SLC Faces of Today Award

FALL 2015
A Message from the PSA President, SCARP Welcomes New Faculty, New Master of Engineering Leadership in Urban Systems


SCARP honours graduates and retirees, Alumni Doug Aberley, Events on Public Housing and Strait of Georgia Marine Hazards Workshop.


Meet the new PSA Team and see what our travelling students think about planning in Europe and Southeast Asia. Read about Tanya Winkler, our latest alumni profile, and hear about the 7th Annual SCARP Student Symposium.

FALL 2014

Greenest City Scholar Program, SCARP students tour Port Metro Vancouver, Fall Graduates, PLAN 548W-Working Effectively with Non-Profit Agencies, SCARP students at RISE, Promoting Healthy Aging through Community Design.


A significant focus of this issue of NewsBytes is on SCARP's new MCRP program and the future move to Lasserre, with a "Director's Report" from Penny Gurstein, and a quick note from the "UBC SCARP Summer Alumni Social". The focus resurfaces in Peer-Daniel Krause's reflection from Maged Senbel's Urban Design Studio work with "False Creek South". We again congratulate Maged Senbel and Mark Stevens on their promotions to Associate Professor among other "Awards and Recognition", and take note of current and "Upcoming Study Leaves".

Summer brings with it a chance to get out and apply our knowledge gained at SCARP to real-world problems, and a handful of "Summer SCARPies" are working with various partners around Metro Vancouver. Ashley Lowcock provides a rundown on her "Megapolitan Experience" and Christa Brown shares some highlights from the "2014 BC Land Summit". To round things off, Bethany Dobson encourages us to stay up to date with SCARP's wonderfully-named "Transpo' Nerd Club", and UBC Applied Science catches up with "Murray Mckenzie, Beyond SCARP." A final "Volunteer Appreciation" thanks the many student volunteers who contributed time and energy to different projects around SCARP through 2013-2014.

As this is my final NewsBytes before passing on the torch, I'd like to again thank everyone for their contributions over the past two years. It's been an incredibly satisfying experience and I hope I've been able to highlight the people, culture, and teachings at SCARP for all of us to enjoy. - Robert W. White


This issue focuses on reflections from students on different research and activities conducted as a part of their program at SCARP.  Christa Brown starts us off with an overview of her involvement with the 10th Annual Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival for Nathan Edelson's Social Learning Studio course last fall.  We're then introduced to our 2014 PSA President Rebecca Chaster and the PSA Executive, before learning a little bit about the role of open data in planning from Karen Quinn Fung. Then it's onto a quick review of the successful 2014 SCARP Student Symposium, "Embracing ComplexCity" - featuring keynotes from Andrew Weaver, Ann Maje Raider, and SCARP's own John Friedmann.

From there it's over to the West Bank with Sarah Thomas, who considers issues around solid waste management in the midst of conflict and political tensions.  Erin Rennie brings us back to SCARP with a fun top 10 list of why everyone should attend SCARP's wonderful PSA Lunchtime Lectures, then suddenly we're off to Haida Gwaii with Melanie Harding and Daniel Iwama to get a taste of SCARP's Indigenous Community Planning experience.  Patrick Lo shuttles us down the Cascadian coast to Portland, OR with a photo essay of the annual reading break trip, before Gabrielle Esser reflects on the presence of rape culture in politics.

To round things off, Post Doctoral Fellow Shona L van Zijll de Jong, PhD ABCP introduces us to her work to support risk-based land use planning in Canada New Zealand. We're then treated to a perspective on the collective story harvest held in November for Aftab Erfan's Negotiation, Facilitation, and Conflict Resolution course.

FALL 2013

The Fall2013 issue of SCARP NewsBytes is here, with a brand new look and plenty of content to nourish your mind.

Starting with an update from SCARP Director, Penny Gurstein on some of the new directions SCARP is pursuing for the years ahead, we then take a look at the 2014 SCARP Student Symposium, "Embracing ComplexCity" - a theme once again brought up at the WA APA Conference.  Student orientation activities and other SCARP events are covered, including a Lunchtime Lecture by John Friedmann and the UBC/SFU PIBC Student Social, and a recent discussion on the "Don't Walk Alone" safe walk campaign at the UBC campus.

In this issue we also find reflections on the future of transportation, and the accessibility of transit in Metro Vancouver. We inquire about the form of development in downtown Edmonton, and review alternative housing options in Vancouver's Strathcona. We synthesize findings from an event on the role of design for community plans, learn about SCARP student efforts to mitigate the impact of climate change in the Philippines, and ponder the implications of Vancouver's recent Walk for Truth and Reconciliation.


Another amazing Vancouver summer is well underway: English Bay from Spanish Banks to Third Beach is lined with smiling sunbathers from noon to dusk; Robson Square has been converted back to its annual car-free state with Viva Vancouver’s Corduroy Road providing seating and shade for passersby; and students and faculty are involved in an array of programs abroad, in addition to SCARP summer courses, research initiatives, and various internships.

This summer edition of the SCARP NewsBytes Newsletter includes some fond farewells to Karen Zeller and Jinhua Zhao, a welcome to our new Assistant Professor in Ecological Planning, Jordi Honey-Rosés, as well as stories from Costa Rica, the APA Conference in Chicago, the launch of the Planning Evaluation Lab, and an overview of the work SCARPies are doing with the City of Vancouver - many of whom are collaborating as Greenest City Scholars. We're excited to welcome back Dr. Penny Gurstein as SCARP Director, and intrigued to learn more about Affordability in Vancouver.


To wrap up the cold and rainy season, I thought you might enjoy taking a look through our Winter 2013 NewsBytes Newsletter which covers events from the recent, and highly successful 2013 SCARP Student Symposium, "Beyond Downtown and Outside the Box", the North Van Design Jam, and the CAPS-ACEAU conference out in Montreal, along with a number of other events. We also take a moment to pause and remember Rebecca Tarbotton - a passionate and determined "force of nature" who tragically passed away in December. There's much more, including an overview of Juliet Van Vliet's work with MITACS and Métis communities in Alberta, Anastasia Frank and her work with the CHANGES study, and Eliana Chia's wonderful exploration of the power of community, through the eyes of a Little Mountain resident.

FALL 2012

This issue includes updates on the Indigenous Community Planning specialization and funding from the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia, as well as the status of the Master of Planning degree program proposal. Articles of particular interest to current and prospective students include summaries of the PSA orientation week and PIBC student social, this term's Lunchtime Lectures, the upcoming SCARP Student Symposium 'Beyond Downtown & Outside the Box', and a reflection on Vancouver's CityPlan. Current students provide insights into the Riverview Lands in Coquitlam and Social Purpose Real Estate, while others are recognized for their focus on Aboriginal Health, and Public Transit.


With winter classes over and summer courses yet to begin, SCARP students have scattered themselves to the breezes like so many seeds. They’re in China, Costa Rica, Bella Bella, Mexico and other intriguing corners of the world enjoying new work experiences and learning opportunities, and, in some cases, just taking a break from the classroom. Some have gone ‘back home’ for the summer, while others will spend the warm months here on the West Coast discovering why Vancouver residents tolerate the long rainy winters.

When you're done reading, go outside and play in the sun and we’ll see you in the fall for another edition of SCARP NewsBytes.


No amount of Vancouver drizzle could dampen the exchange of bright ideas that took place recently at the fourth annual SCARP Student Symposium. From re-localizing our economies to reconceptualizing Revelstoke, interesting conversations abounded as students brought together practitioners and academics to explore what matters now and for the future of planning. can find out more about this exciting event on page two of this edition, as well as get up to speed on where SCARP fits within the UBC community, a new student-led initiative to Occupy Planning, and other SCARP history that’s come to pass in the months while we wait for the Spring sunshine.

The whole event—with keynote speeches from author Richard Heinberg and former B.C. premier Mike Harcourt—gave the sold out crowd plenty to talk about. NewsBytes readers

FALL 2011

It’s November now, which means busy times in the SCARP student world as they log long hours to complete projects with the deadline clock ticking down. But, as you’ll read in SCARP Director Penny Gurstein’s page 3 column, it’s busy times for more than just the SCARP students this autumn. With the impending retirement of two longstanding professors, an institutional restructuring and the introduction of a new specialization, the door has been flung open on a school-wide debate about what SCARP is, what it stands for, and what it must do to remain relevant and innovative into the future. The answers to these questions may not come easily, but if anyone knows how to facilitate a good discussion on complicated subjects, it's SCARPies.


Welcome to the spring edition of Newsbytes. This issue highlights recent SCARP milestones and events, updates readers on the feasibility study concerning SCARP‘s new building, welcomes new adjunct faculty member, Michael Shiffer and interviews the much loved Tony Dorcey after he announced his retirement. Newsbytes would like to congratulate Will Trousdale, Robin Gregory and Tim McDaniels on receiving a 2011 PIBC Excellence in Planning Research Award, Zsuzsi Fodor on her APA Food Systems Award, and all our spring graduates for their achievements.


Welcome to the winter edition of News-bytes. This issue highlights some recent SCARP achievements both within the School as well as in the broader planning practice. As the school continues to go through changes, Newsbytes introduces new SCARP courses, the 2012 Planning Student‘s Association, and provides an up-date on SCARP‘s involvement in the Inte-grated Planning and Design Facility proc-ess. SCARP‘s Professor William Rees, who will retire in 2012, takes some time to re-flect on his experiences here at the School.

FALL 2010

Third Annual SCARP Symposium, A New Integrated Planning and Design Facility, SCARP Summer Institute, Susan Fainstein: Scholar-in-Residence, Introducing Dr. Jinhua Zhao, Assistant Professor at UBC, Visiting Scholars, SCARP Film Festival, PIBC Annual Social, SCARP History Project.



This edition of Newsbytes brings a series of pieces from three years of SCARP students. Reflections, reviews and commentaries, the articles on the following pages offer snapshots of where students have come from, where they are enaged now and where they are working towards. There is crticism, optimism, wisdom and humor. Enjoy!

Fall 2009

An Interdisciplinary Studio, 4th PhD Jamboree, An Internship Far from Mainstream, Affordable Housing Symposium, Decoding 2 Cities, Symposium 2010, Honouring our Achievements

Spring 2009

PlanTalk Event on Peak Oil, Planning Pool, Conversation from South Africa, Interview with Mark Stevens, Visualization of Marpol, SCARP Graduates of Spring 2009

Winter 2009

In Memory - Peter Oberlander, An Exchange with Peter Oberlander, Youth Mapping & Community Equity in Brazil, Catching up with John Friedmann, Harmonious Urbanization, Scholar in Residence - Tom Campanella, SCARP Symposium - March 13 & 14.

Winter 2008

SCARP 1st Biannual Graduation/Alumni Reception, Designing Marpole: Interview with Maged Senbel, UPC Climate Action Symposium- Planning Connections, UBC/PIBC 2008 Career Fair, Redesigning SCARP through Strategic Planning and more!

Spring 2008

Amacon Makes a Donation to SCARP, Third Biennial PhD Jamboree, Green Urban Design, Adventures in Post-Occupancy Evaluation, September 2007 Whistler Retreat, and more!

Spring 2007

April denotes the end of the school year for most students at SCARP. Many students are heading home for the summer, some are staying in Vancouver to work, and others...

Winter 2007

Welcome back to a new year at the School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP) at UBC.

Fall 2006

Welcome back! Newsbytes is the School of Community and Regional Planning’s (SCARP) online newsletter for both current and prospective students. This newsletter will keep you informed regarding student and faculty information, and SCARP school events.

Spring 2006

It is that time of year when students, faculty and staff are busy completing school work, organizing summer internships or travels, and generally re-emerging from our respective study 'dungeons' in time for Vancouver's beautiful spring weather.

Winter 2006

Interesting SCARP student experiences, The upcoming SCARP colloquium speaker series and SCARP's preparations for the World Urban Forum to be held in Vancouver June 2006...

Fall 2005

Leonie Sandercock wins Davidoff Award, Orientation Revisited, Planning Students Association, Summer Vacations...