SCARP Students Reap High Praise for Their Tour of the Olympic Village

From: Andrew Egan
Date: 29 October 2015 at 11:32
Subject: Your Students sharing knowledge

I am writing to express our gratitude toward three of your students and their efforts in sharing their knowledge
and enthusiasm. Langara College offers a course on environmental problems and solutions. In late September,
we took our students on a field trip that includes a visit to the Olympic Village to examine the efforts made to
mitigate climate change and implement LEED building standards.

The course involves a collaboration with CityStudio. Jeanie Morton of City Studio arranged for three of your
students to lead our tour through Olympic Village and ending with a thorough explanation of the Neighbourhood
Energy Utility. The students, Dave Sametz, Dustin Lupick, and Andrew Martin, conducted a professional tour
offering balanced insight into the significance of the Olympic Village to the local region and what it means for
the future of the region. Their factual, but relaxed, manner was refreshing and resonated with our students.

Again, I would like to express my personal gratitude, and the gratitude of Langara College towards this form of
inter-institutional collaboration. You are fortunate to have these insightful, enthusiastic, and bright students
enrolled in your program. They are great ambassadors for your program and UBC.


Andrew Egan
Instructor of Environmental Studies
Langara College