SCARP Spring 2021 Graduates!



Congratulations SCARP SPRING 2021 Graduates!
Despite 2020's challenges, you have proven your excellence, all the best to your next adventure
Way to go SCARP class of 2021!







Binay Adihikari - PhD
Supervisor -  Professor Larry Frank
Harnessing neighbourhood walkability’s health potential by providing a supportive pedestrian environment: a comparative analysis across demographic and psychosocial factors

Binay Adhikari is an urban health researcher interested in harnessing urban synergies for positive population health. His work lies at the nexus of urban design, city planning and public health. Binay’s dissertation examined the synergy between pedestrian design features and neighbourhood walkability to explain physical activity in children, teens, and older adults. His research is useful for cities to design better pedestrian environments to retrofit the existing urban infrastructure and harness neighbourhood walkability's health potential. Binay uses both spatial and non-spatial quantitative methods in his research and is always willing to explore new horizons of knowledge and practice to build healthy and liveable cities for all.



Chelsea Craig - MCRP
Supervisor- Associate Professor Alex Bigazzi
Project- Greenways Refresh: A Re-envisioning of Vancouver's City Greenways

In her final year at SCARP, Chelsea was part of a studio team that worked with the City of Vancouver to create a renewed long-range vision for the City's greenways. Since May 2020, she has also been working as a transit planner on TransLink's Transit Network Management team. Chelsea looks forward to being part of TransLink's COVID recovery efforts, spending more time on bikes, and reuniting with friends and family on the other side of the pandemic.



Helen Garbiec – MCRP
Supervisor:- Associate Professor Mark Stevens
Project- Connecting Youth Across BC for Climate Solutions

Helen is passionate about working with community members to foster healthier, more equitable neighbourhoods. She has experience in the non-profit and consulting sectors working on a variety of projects that build community trust and relationships, mobilize community members, and improve social issues such as food security and park accessibility. She strives to leverage her skills and experiences to support underserved communities in her career.




Yasaman Mohaddes Khorassani -MCRP
Supervisor- Professor Heather Campbell
Project- A Way Forward: Youth for BC Climate Solutions


"Yasaman found a passion for public engagement during her time at SCARP, working with the Fraser Basin Council for her SCARP Studio project titled: A Way Forward: Youth for BC Climate Solutions Network where she engaged young people across BC on developing a potential climate action network for youth. Yasaman will be continuing her studies at the Faculty of Law at the University of Calgary where she hopes to apply her skills in facilitation and engagement in order to best advocate for her clients as a lawyer".