SCARP Spring 2020 Graduates!

Congratulations SCARP 2020 Graduates!

As you move onward in the midst of global change, one thing has not, your potential
congratulations to the SCARP class of 2020


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Jacopo Miro – PhD Graduate
Supervisor: Professor Leonie Sandercock
Thesis: Suburban (Dis)Advantage: Views of Suburban Life from Low-Income Immigrants
in Surrey, BC



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Cheralyn King-Scobie - PhD Graduate
Supervisor:  Professor Stephanie Chang
Thesis: Urban Flood Management and Disaster in Canada: Incidence, Recovery Strategy, and Environmental Resilience

“As for my next phase of life, I am happily working with the provincial ministry FLNRORD as the manager for flood safety and stream management for the South Coast (ie. Lower Mainland). I’m doing planning in action everyday”



Korbin daSilva – MSCP
Supervisor: Associate Professor Maged Senbel

“Korbin has been applying his interests in planning, urban design and development while working locally in real estate development for the past five years”

Tyler Mark – Research Masters
Supervisor:  Professor Tom Hutton
Thesis: Culturally Appropriate Community Engagement in Vancouver's Chinatown

 "I can't express enough gratitude for the family, friends, and mentors who have helped me get to where I am today. The research I did for my masters spoke to the inequities marginalized communities face through current planning practices. I am thankful for the opportunities I have been given and now more than I ever, I hope to build from these experiences to work towards a more inclusive city.
Congratulations class of 2020. I hope we can collectively use the tools and knowledge we have realized to plan for a better future for all."



Chris Cardinal – MCRP – ICP
Supervisor: Jessie Hemphill
Project: Planning from the Heart

I’d like to sincerely thank my immediate and extended family, as well as a handful of some great friends and mentors for their confidence and support along my journey on the road of academia. Future forecast says, there’s bound to be potholes, speed bumps, and sharp curves up ahead, but all I can do is smile as I look forward to the challenge. Everything’s going to be alright. Ready. Set. Go! 
‘Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.’ —Aristotle



Nicole Cardinal – MCRP – ICP
Supervisor: Jessie Hemphill
Project: Í:WESÁ:LS (Guiding us Forward) Our Practicum Journey with Sq’éwlets First Nation

Nicole is excited to get to work and empower Indigenous voices towards sovereignty while decolonizing systems that continue to bring harm to Indigenous communities. It is time to smash colonial systems and move in to a true collective of knowledge without prejudice. Real change happens at the community level and it is time as a Dakelh Matriarch in training to forge a different path for the next generation to come.
'Speak your truth even if your voice shakes!' - Maggie Kuhun



Anandvir Saini - MCRP
Supervisor: Professor Tom Hutton
Project: Climate Change in Metro Vancouver Regional District: Assessing Resilience of a Socio-Ecological System

"UBC SCARP has provided several important experiences for my professional journey. My incredibly supportive faculty advisor and professional mentors played a pivotal role in the successful completion of my capstone research and internship projects. As a student, I worked in several academic, municipal and non-profit planning teams, and these experiences led me to a fulfilling career with the City of Vancouver. I am eternally grateful to all my classmates, friends and family in making this journey a very memorable one!"



Lucie Stepanik – MCRP
Supervisor: Professor Tom Hutton
Project: Follow the Suburban Roads: How Car-Centric Values Shaped the City of Calgary’s Urban Landscape and its Sustainable Future

"I'm thankful for the people who helped me learn and grow during my time at SCARP. After completing my capstone about transportation and land use in Calgary, I'm excited to start my job as a transportation planner in Calgary where I will be closer family and some friends."



Leni Vespaziani – MCRP
Supervisor: Professor Stephanie Chang
Project: Best Practices in Wildfire Mass Evacuation Planning  

“I appreciate all that I have learned and continue to learn from the SCARP community. I entered the program with an interest in planning for climate adaptation and disaster resilience. I am now leaving the program as part of the 2020 graduating class amidst a pandemic, social revolution, and at the peak of the climate emergency. I recognize the role of planners in addressing these challenges, and commit to doing so in my own work in city-wide and regional planning upon graduation.”