SCARP Fall 2021 Graduates!

Congratulations to all our SCARP FALL 2021 Graduates!
We're glad we can celebrate this with you live. 
2021 required of each of you innovation, perseverence, and unique spirit. You made of this challenge just another chance to prove your excellence.
We promise you: this is just the beginning of your adventure!


Our Illustrious Graduates


Eric Douglas - PhD
Supervisor - Maged Senbel
Thesis - Dense but not crowded: maintaining a sense of neighborhood community in a world of increasing urban density

Eric has completed his dissertation investigating the relationship between urban density and sense of community. He worked under the supervision of Dr. Maged Senbel. Eric's research can be found at He lives in Vancouver and works as a project manager for the Canadian Coast Guard.



Vrushti Mawani - PhD
Supervisor - Jordi Honey-Roses
Thesis - Brokered Borders- Relational Infrastructures of Water Access in Segregated Ahmedabad, India

Vrushti examined how infrastructure planning and religious difference interact to shape differential water access in urban India. She showed through her research how interests of actors at community and institutional levels discursively and practically impact everyday access to water. Her dissertation adds depth to existing accounts of unequal infrastructure governance in the South, and locates possibilities to improve water access in Indian cities.



Lili Shulman - PhD
Supervisor - Penny Gurstein
Thesis - Walk and thrive? The importance of low-income household access to mixed-use neighborhoods in the Metro Vancouver region

SCARP provided me with a rich and fruitful experience over my PhD journey. I'm lucky to have had the opportunity to learn and exchange knowledge from a diverse community of scholars. Looking forward to my next adventure back home in Israel.



Christine Nesbitt - Research Masters
Supervisor - Maged Senbel

Thesis - The Complicated Legacies of Olympic Village Housing: 1984 to 2018 Host Cities Overview, and the Social and Affordable Housing Legacies of the Torino 2006, Vancouver 2010, and London 2012 Olympic Villages

I’m excited about carving my path in Games and mega events planning. My knowledgeable thesis committee consisted of my supervisor Dr. Senbel, Dr. VanWynsberghe and Caitlin Pentifallo-Gadd, PhD. Their support allowed me to write a thesis I am proud of: The complicated legacies of Olympic village housing: 1984 to 2018 host cities overview, and the social and affordable housing legacies of the Torino 2006, Vancouver 2010, and London 2012 Olympic Villages. Dr. Hutton and Erick Villagomez were also insightful and generous during my time at SCARP. Thank you to all at SCARP and abroad for the support and encouragement!



Andrea Barriga - MCRP
Supervisor - Nora Angeles
Project - What Works: Attainable Homeownership

Originally from Mexico and Colombia, Andrea completed her Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs and a minor in Communication at Northeastern University in Boston, MA in 2017. She worked at Big Sister Association of Greater Boston and Fundación En Via, two nonprofits with a mission to promote women empowerment and alleviate gender inequalities. During her time at SCARP, she completed several applied planning projects, notably, a research project for Metro Vancouver, "What Works: Attainable Homeownership" where she and her team explored different types of attainable homeownership initiatives and models and created a guide for municipal to utilize. She also completed two UBC Sustainability Scholars projects, one with the Canadian Collaboration for Sustainable Procurement (CCSP) and another with the City of Kamloops. She was the co-director of logistics for the SCARP Symposium in 2020 and was involved in the Planning Student Association. Her primary areas of interest are social planning, community development, affordable housing, and community engagement. LinkedIn:



Pablo Beimler - MCRP - ICP
Supervisor - Jessie Hemphill
Project - Planning in Partnership: Supporting Stellat’en First Nation Comprehensive Community Plan

Sending an enormous arigatou gozaimasu to Stellat'en First Nation (especially Michelle and Adam) and to the best practicum partner (Cleo) and Advisor (Shauna) that I could have asked for! I can't have imagined going through the pandemic without the new friendships and exciting community planning I had the opportunity to support. Being able to finally visit Stellat'en's beautiful territory and community full of warm and welcoming people this summer was a week I will cherish forever. Extending my gratitude to xʷməθkʷəy̓əm and my instructors, cohort friends, family and loved ones (Seri+Zen) who were there at every turn of this wild 2019-21 rollercoaster.



Sophie Belzil - MCRP
Supervisor - Heather Campbell
Project - Repurposing the Built Environment-A Scan of Municipal Approaches to Support Adaptive Reuse

Sophie will keep great memories of her experience at SCARP. She feels privileged to have been part of such an inspiring group of aspiring planners. Sophie focused on affordable housing during her studies and hope to pursue her work to make cities more inclusive. Sophie is also passionate about green construction and the circular economy which was reflected in her capstone project on adaptive reuse. She is excited about the opportunity to contribute to the field of transportation through her work in the Toronto region for a planning consultancy.



Danielle Bizinelli - MCRP
Supervisor - Penny Gurstein
Project - Spatial Equity - An Exploration Through Case Studies

Danielle holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from the Federal University of Parana and has worked in the public sector and non-profits for 7+ years.
Always interested in the impacts of the built environment on people’s behaviour, her time at SCARP has sparked her attention to equity issues. As a Sustainability Scholar, she investigated the Real Estate sector through the lens of equity, inclusion, and reconciliation, and she worked on the project “People First- An Equity Centred Climate Response for Road Reallocation” for the Planning Studio course. Her Capstone project also focuses on equity issues in cities.  
Her primary areas of interest are social planning, affordable housing, and ways to help cities and societies become more equitable and just. Personal website:



Cleo Breton - MCRP - ICP
Supervisor - Jessie Hemphill
Project - Planning in Partnership: Supporting Stellat’en First Nation’s Comprehensive Community Plan

Cleo is passionate about community-led development and heart-centered leadership as avenues to pursue systemic change grounded in social justice, environmental stewardship, and community resilience. During her time at SCARP, Cleo examined municipal responses to urban Indigenous housing needs across BC and supported Stellat’en First Nation’s CCP, working collaboratively to developed inclusive, community-specific planning processes. Cleo strives to leverage her skills and understandings to unsettle colonial approaches to planning and foster socially and environmentally just and healthy communities.



Anika Bursey - MCRP
Supervisor - Stephanie Chang
Project - The Use of Land-Use Planning Actions to Increase Coastal Resilience in Canada

From collecting municipal coastal adaptation actions across Canada to working with her studio team to develop public realm typologies in New Westminster, Anika is so grateful for all she has learned at SCARP, especially from her classmates. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to finally reconnect with her cohort and celebrate in person. Anika has begun her career as a planner working in planning communications and engagement with Pooni Group. 



Douglas Craig - MCRP
Supervisor - Nora Angeles
Project - Inbetween Spaces - Storytelling & Placemaking in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside



Erin De Sousa - MCRP - ICP
Supervisor - Jessie Hemphill
Project - For our practicum, my partner Melissa and I worked with members of Qualicum First Nation on their Comprehensive Community Planning process

Erin is a queer mixed-race South Asian and white settler student who participated in the Indigenous Community Planning program. In collaboration with Dr. Maggie Low, Erin helped create and facilitate the first iteration of the 'Reconciliation and Planning' course offered at SCARP. For her practicum, Erin worked with her partner Melissa to support members of Qualicum First Nation on their Comprehensive Community Plan



Jonah Erickson - MCRP
Supervisor - Heather Campbell
Project - The SDG’s and the Role of Cities in Sustainable Development

"The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.” Plutarch
Sparks born from kindlings of passion, twigs of humility and branches of curiosity have set fire to new beginnings. As I enter the next chapter of my life I seek to listen, to share, and to continue to be inspired by the multitude of fires that grow within and around me. 



Adriana Valentina Farias - MCRP
Supervisor - Martino Tran
Project - A re-envisioning of Vancouver’s City Greenways with the City of Vancouver. 

Technology is changing the way we plan, live, and move within cities. This is why Valentina focused on the intersection between transportation and technology while at SCARP. She also joined the UBC Smart City Engineering Club, winning first place at the ASCE’ Blue Sky Competition. Given her international background, Valentina turned to international work and completed an internship with the Trust for the Americas, a non-profit associated with the OAS. She currently works as a consultant at the World Bank, exploring how new technologies are changing transportation globally. While at SCARP she was supervised by Dr. Martino Tran.



Ciara Farmer - MCRP
Supervisor - Mark Stevens
Project - Remapping Food Deserts: Assessing Food Security in Edmonton's Chinatown



Elsabe Fourie - MCRP
Supervisor - Penny Gurstein
Project - Portfolio

Having lived in Cape Town, Brunei, and now Vancouver, Elsabe’s international upbringing and exposure to cities around the globe paved the foundation for her interest in housing, the built environment, and collaborative planning. With Dr. Penelope Gurstein as her supervisor, Elsabe pursued a concentration in affordable housing and development planning. During her time at SCARP, Elsabe completed two contracts with the City of Vancouver working on the ‘Your City Hall’ initiative, as well as a Co-op with BC Housing. She now works full time for BC Housing’s Development & Asset Strategies branch on the Provincial Redevelopment team.



Sarah Glazier - MCRP
Supervisor - Nora Angeles
Project - Creating a Home: Shared Housing Models for Women at Risk of or Experiencing Homelessness

Sarah has a passion for engaging with community to create equitable, sustainable, and empowering spaces with a specific focus on gender. She has experience working across the non-profit housing sector to help build organizational capacity, develop guidance documents, and engaging with community to improve services and housing. Sarah currently is working for Vancity Community Foundation as part of the Reaching Home team. 



Yette Gram - MCRP
Supervisor - Heather Campbell
Project - Interdependence- An Urban Planning Manualfesto
Studio- Exploring Urban Rights for Nature: Possibility, Praxis, Pathways

I have approached my career with the central goal of recognizing our interconnection with one another and with the planet, and our collective power to make the world a better place. I used my time at SCARP to gather tools to enable and empower planning that invites meaningful participation and is founded in equity and care for the planet. My current focus is on integrating ecological systems into cities through green rainwater infrastructure and sustainable and resilient drainage systems.



Lihwen Hsu - MCRP
Supervisor - Stephanie Chang
Project - Reducing the Catastrophic Risk of a Megathrust Earthquake in Vancouver's West End

Lihwen Hsu is interested in how cities and disaster planning can work towards building more resilient cities. His work interests range from urban design, real estate development to community planning. Lihwen worked on research to study the connection between earthquake hazard and the social vulnerabilities of Vancouver's West End. This research is coupled with his studio project with the Fraser Basin Council to engage youth across BC on climate solutions. Lihwen works with the City of Vancouver's Community Planning Implementation Team, creating policy and guiding growth in its community plan areas.



Pulkit Kathuria - MCRP
Supervisor - Martino Tran

Pulkit graduated with a Master of Community and Regional Planning degree in 2021. He has experience of working in urban planning and real estate consulting. He worked as a Sustainability Scholar where he supported the development of ‘Electric Vehicle strategy’ for the City of Prince George. He was part of the Urban Predictive Analytics Lab team at UBC, where he contributed to the ongoing research on Sustainable Transportation. His interest lies in de-carbonization of transportation and smart cities. He aims to improve the quality of life of people by creating sustainable settlements.



Jennifer Koss - MCRP
Supervisor - Stephanie Chang
Project - Portfolio - Reducing the Catastrophic Risk of a Cascadia Megathrust Earthquake

I was able to do one of my favorite things in school: learn and discuss hazard risk reduction with my peers. Over my two years at SCARP, I conducted research on the Cascadia Megathrust Earthquake with Stephanie Chang, and helped design an emergency preparedness app with Ryan Reynolds. Now I’m working in flood management with the Fraser Basin Council. I would like to thank my family, friends, and mentors for the support they gave me during my time at SCARP.  



Spencer Lamirand - MCRP
Supervisor - Martino Tran
Project - Transit Oriented Development or Transit Induced Gentrification: A Quantitative Primer to Discussions of Housing Equity Around Vancouver SkyTrain Stations

With the wise words of SCARPs diverse and experienced staff in mind, I've ventured out to explore planning, design and development across Canada. I know this journey will benefit the communities I come in contact with as well as myself and my family.



Tori Lin - MCRP
Supervisor - Maged Senbel
Project - Features Affect Number of Visits to Urban Public Greenspaces: Evidence from Social Media Data Analytics in Vancouver, Canada


The flexibility of the MCRP programme allowed me to gain the knowledge and skills I need and prepared me better for the future ahead. I feel fortunate to be a part of this programme, learned a lot about Canadian planning practice, especially topics about Indigenous Planning. A big "thank you" to the faculty and staff for their incessant support along the way.



Sarah Marshall - MCRP
Supervisor - Jordi Honey-Roses
Project - Developing A Roadmap for Residential Downspout Disconnection in the City of Vancouver
Studio-Exploring Urban Rights for Nature: Possibility, Praxis + Pathways

Sarah is leaving SCARP with a renewed passion for the field of water resources planning and a deeper interest in equity and resilience approaches for tackling complex social and environmental challenges. While at SCARP, Sarah’s research and project work spanned topics including rainwater management, coastal community resilience, nature-based planning approaches, and urban integrated water/energy nexus planning. She was a Sustainability Scholar, and member of the Planning Student Association and UBC Future Waters Research Cluster. Sarah is now working as a Water Resources Planner for the City of Calgary, and is involved in projects spanning flood policy, drought resilience, and riparian area management.   ~Sarah Marshall (she/her)



Lexi Maxwell - MCRP
Supervisor - Jordi Honey-Roses

Project - Parks for Connection - Exploring Parks as Social Infrastructure for Successful Aging in Vancouver’s West End

Lexi would like to extend her gratitude to the SCARP community. The experience she gained collaborating with colleagues and partner organizations was invaluable. Lexi is excited to continue to pursue her interest in the design and planning of urban green networks in her work with a local landscape architecture and planning firm. 



Alexa McPhee - MCRP - ICP
Supervisor - Scott Graham

Project - sísqeʔ (Siska First Nation) - Comprehensive Community Plan Implementation
Siska CCP Champion: Sam Gush




Kacey Ng - MCRP
Supervisor - Penny Gurstein

Project - Housing For All – An Exploratory Review of Social Housing Models in Vienna

I'm grateful to have met so many wonderful people and mentors in my time at SCARP.  I have recently started work with the City of Vancouver in the Street Activities Branch Supporting public space initiatives across the city. More updated info on what I'm up to can be found here:



Devin O-Leary - MCRP
Supervisor - Alex Bigazzi
Project - Shaping Community Nodes in the District of Squamish

I am immensely proud of my 2019-21 MCRP peers for completing this program, persisting through a historic and formidable cocktail of world crises. Each member of this cohort is a shining example of the energy and passion that is necessary to restore power to communities to co-create specific solutions to these crises. I am honoured to have shared this experience with these extraordinary people, and I am a better person now for knowing them.



Bruce Pagnucco - MCRP
Supervisor - Alex Bigazzi
Project - Scoot Over: Strategies for Facilitating Safe Interaction Between E-scooter Riders and Pedestrians


A plangineer passionate about designing safe, healthy, and vibrant communities that promote active living. After completing his capstone on pedestrian safety as it relates to e-scooters, Bruce recently joined the City of Vancouver where he strives to leverage his skills and experiences to enhance pedestrian safety and accessibility in an ever-evolving transportation landscape



Charles Pan - MCRP
Supervisor - Martino Tran
Project - Gaps and Opportunties in the City of North Vancouver’s Land Value Capture Policies




Jimin Park - MCRP
Supervisor - Maged Senbel
Project - Greenways Refresh: A Re-envisioning of Vancouver’s City Greenways
Capstone- Competition for the Curbside: Unlocking the Potential of COVID-19 Street Reallocations


During her time at SCARP, Jimin focused on researching barriers to e-bike adoption, evaluating the relationship between parking policy and housing affordability, and long-range Greenways planning. In addition to her course work, she interned with the City of Vancouver to conduct an inventory of on- and off-street loading assets and Atira to conduct a feasibility study on converting parking garages into affordable housing. Jimin’s capstone research titled “Competition for the Curbside: Unlocking the Potential of COVID-19 Street Reallocations” supports a people-first approach to managing the finite curb space. Jimin is now working as a Transportation Planner in Vancouver and is committed to advancing sustainable transportation modes.



Cassidy Penner - MCRP
Supervisor - Penny Gurstein
Project - A Rights-Based Analysis of Government Engagement with Two Vanocuver Homeless Encampments




Winter Pizandawatc - MCRP
Supervisor - Mark Stevens
Project - Mapping the MURB Deep Retrofit Market




Cameron Power -MCRP
Supervisor - Stephanie Chang

Project - Extreme heat risk in Vancouver – A geospatial approach to setting priorities for emergency cooling

For his studio project, Cameron worked with the City of Kelowna on an indicator-based equity analysis to inform an update of the City's Official Community Plan. His capstone research focused on identifying priorities for emergency cooling infrastructure based on the spatial distribution of heatwave risk across Vancouver. 



Brooklyn Rocco -  MCRP
Supervisor - Nora Angeles
Project - Mapping Equity in Kelowna's Built Environment

Studio Partners: Cameron Power & Mikayla Tinsley

Brooklyn’s planning interests are focused on creating equitable, healthy and people-focused communities through public health policy and advocacy. Most recently, she has accepted a position with Vancouver Coastal Health as a Planner on the Healthy Environments team. 



Dawn Smith - MCRP - ICP
Supervisor - Jessie Hemphill
Project - Maggie Low, DRIPA and housing, Jessie Hemphill, Sq'ewlets Community Development Plan

"Above all else, it is the duty of each to remember his tender and beholden position, the rich gifts which he has received, and the tiny part he plays in a vast, irreplaceable, and fragile whole."    -Mary Douglas, On Duty Concerning Islands



Melissa Stewart - MCRP - ICP
Supervisor - Jessie Hemphill
Project - For our practicum, my partner Erin and I worked with members of Qualicum First Nation on their Comprehensive Community Planning process



Mikayla Tinsley - MCRP
Supervisor - Mark Stevens
Project - Letting the Cat Out of the Bag: What Classified Ads Can tell us about Pet-Friendly Rental Housing in Metro Vancouver




Stephanie Tourand - MCRP - ICP
Supervisor - Jessie Hemphill
Practicum was with Homalco First Nation and Jessie was my supervisor

I was honoured to walk alongside Homalco First Nation for a small portion of their CCP journey. Despite the virtual experience, I gained valuable experience that I have brought back to my home communities as I continue planning for the future of our nations.



Tecla Van Bussel - MCRP - ICP
Supervisor - Scott Graham
Project - sísqeʔ (Siska First Nation) - Comprehensive Community Plan Implementation

Siska CCP Champion: Sam Gush

Together with Alexa McPhee, our practicum work supported tracking progress and creating communication tools for Siska First Nation's community plan - helping the seeds of the plan grow. I am grateful to have been welcomed by everyone from Siska and am proud of how we worked together despite the many challenges of this year. We hope that our work contributes to the critical dialogue about planning, colonialism, and practice and pedagogy.



Xuerou Wang - MCRP
Supervisor - Martino Tran
Project - Understanding Workforce Housing: A Study on Commuting Burden Regarding Demographic Characteristics in Metro Vancouver

"Always remember that you are absolutely unique, just be yourself!"



John Zhao - MCRP
Supervisor - Maged Senbel
Project - Bringing Planning and Community Organizing Together: A Toolkit for Empowering Youth of Color to Create Social Change


After graduating from SCARP, John is going into the field of community organizing, incorporating the skills and experiences of a planner. John currently works as a youth organizer with South Bay Youth Changemakers in the Silicon Valley, California.