Plan 211 Student Team Awarded 3rd Place at HUBBUB


PLAN 211 Student Team Awarded 3rd Place at HUBBUB

Team ‘Alley RRRATs’ from PLAN 211 was awarded with 3rd place—among 19 other student groups from UBC, SFU, BCIT, Langara, and Emily Carr—at the 13th HUBBUB event on Friday December 6th 2019.

Held biannually at Vancouver City Hall, HUBBUB is organized by CityStudio Vancouver as a showcase event featuring student-created innovative solutions derived through coursework and in collaboration with the City of Vancouver.

PLAN 211’s pedagogy lent itself to the co-development of this year’s in-class Ideathon Challenge theme: ‘Lovable Laneways’. Through an exploratory investigation of laneways and their potential to contribute toward a vibrant and high-quality public life, interdisciplinary teams of students were challenged to: (1) generate a novel idea for laneway activation in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, and (2) develop an action plan for implementation of the idea.

For Team ‘Alley RRRATs’, their laneway activation idea centred on the concept of “The Lounge” — a safe, inclusive destination for relaxation and play where social connections can be built and community ties strengthened. Team member, Regine Cervantes, describes a learning takeaway from the experience:

What I learned most from doing this project is inclusivity. All of us grew up and are from different countries, but we figured out a way to put all our ideas together. Our group came up with something unique by embracing our individualities resulting in a space called ‘The Lounge’ that would cater for everyone.

Rian Watanabe, fellow team member, adds a further learning observation:

The Ideathon Challenge provided us a real hands-on experience and a glimpse of the massive task planners work through on a daily basis. Definitely a course to be recommended to any profession.”

Team ‘New Kids In The Laneway’ also advanced forward from the in-class Ideathon Challenge to showcase their project at HUBBUB. Members of this team (comprising students from Integrated Engineering, Political Science, and Urban Forestry) demonstrate the creative potential of interdisciplinary teamwork through their project tagline, “Whatever the Weather”, which envisions a laneway space that is environmentally inviting and can be used by different groups of people in all weather, seasons, and times of day.

Team member, Emily Paterson, expresses a learning highlight:

"My biggest achievement coming out of the Ideation Challenge was creating an in-depth and tailored plan on a short timeline. The constraints of the challenge pushed me to think about how to develop ideas on a short timeline that could be expanded upon and implemented given more time."

For more information about PLAN 211, please visit the course website:

Photo: Student representatives from Team ‘Alley RRRATs’ and Team ‘New Kids In The Laneway’ with their PLAN 211 peers; Ileana Costrut (CityStudio Projects Coordinator); Paul Boniface Akaabre (PLAN 211 Teaching Assistant); Dr. Su-Jan Yeo (PLAN 211 Course Instructor).