ICP's Jake Chakasim Joins Venice Biennale Team

A collection of indigenous architects, designers and key researchers have been selected to represent Canada at next year's Venice Biennale 2018. Jake Chakasim, one of SCARP's PhD students, has been asked to be part of this group. 

"UNCEDED is Canada’s contribution to the 2018 Venice Biennale of Architecture and speaks to the unrelinquished traditional territories of Canada’s First Nations, Metis and Inuit people. In as much as this artistic contribution is about arriving from afar onto the shores of the Giardini-Arsenale — it is also about ceasing to go away.

UNCEDED is about speaking with an authoritative and representational Indigenous voice; it is about the resilience and creativity of Indigenous designers affected by genocide and colonization which began with economic servitude, reserves, and the residential school experience; and it is about the intergenerational survivors challenging the status quo of what it means to be an Indigenous designer today on our own terms. Most importantly, UNCEDED is about the truth of stories, the Indigenous loci embedded within the Canadian landscape that offers a discursive space for the discussion of architecture that privileges Indigenous epistemologies and ontologies by and with Indigenous peoples."

- from the website: www.unceded.ca/