Congratulations SCARP Spring 2022 Graduates!

This month we gave our sincere congratulations and well-wishes to SCARP's Spring 2022 graduates. We have been inspired by the wisdom they've given to us and to the community already.

To our graduates:

Despite the special challenges throughout your programs, the innovations necessary during the pandemic, we have been so fortunate to at last celebrate with you in-person. 

Now that you've graduated, welcome to alumni life! This isn't goodbye! This is the next stage of your SCARP journey, and your journey in the world of planning! You remain and shall always remain a member of the SCARP community, and we hope to share wisdom, opportunities, and stories in the years to come. 

In SCARP, and in life, we can promise this: you're just at the beginning of the adventure! You're going to do something extraordinary.

Rebecca Falon Mayers - PhD
Supervisor - Penny Gurstein
Thesis - Beyond bike lanes: the politics of the cycling infrastructure decision-making process




Jeremy  Stone - PhD
Supervisor - Tom Hutton
Thesis - The new Louisiana purchase: gentrification and disaster in the heart of New Orleans





William Pineda Canero - MCRP
Supervisor - Nora Angeles
Project - I was working on the Homelessness Action Strategy with the City of New Westminster


William currently serves as a Board of Director for the Kathara Pilpino Indigenous Arts Collective Society and the South East Asian Heritage Society. During his time at UBC, William served as Councillor for the Graduate Student Society, the Planning Students Association, and the Planning Equity Coalition. William has had the privilege of facilitating consultations with the Pilipinx community, lead non-profits through strategic and long-term planning, and has recently worked with Burnaby’s Planning Department on ethnic business and farmer protections, arts and culture within Official Community Plans, and Indigenous co-management research. He has since moved on to start his own consulting firm, Malaya Planning and Engagement, that works with non-profits around planning issues within their local communities.





Yat-Wah Chau - MCRP
Supervisor - Julia Harten
Project - Portfolio

"Providing insight and models about the way we ought to organise spatially in communities and not simply accepting the ways we do"



Mikaila Lynn Johnson - MCRP
Supervisor - Mark Stevens

Project: Infill Housing Vision: Growing Creatively with Character (City of Kelowna)

My time at SCARP has been a wonderful experience. I've learned so much about the complexities of planning from my colleagues, faculty, and practitioners. The highlight of the program for me was working with a dedicated studio team to develop an Infill Housing Vision for the City of Kelowna. This work challenged my perspective on housing development, and forced me to dive deep into the context of a municipality I wasn't very familiar with. I'm excited to share that I have started a full-time position as a Development Coordinator at Peterson Group, and I am looking forward to continually learning from the industry professionals around me. Thanks!




Dorjan Lecki - MCRP
Supervisor - Martino Tran
Project - Portfolio


"I cannot wait to tackle the planning challenges of today and tomorrow."






Lauren Douglas Malo - MCRP
Supervisor - Martino Tran

Project - Retrofitting Suburbia: A 15-Minute Neighbourhood in the City of Surrey

I learned so much over my two years at SCARP. I am also very grateful for the time I spent with classmates: taking snack breaks on the WMAX balcony, in studio with my project team, and ending the day at Koerner's Pub.





Amanda Mary Masse - MCRP
Supervisor - James Connolly
Project - Planning for the 2040 Zero Emission Vehicle Act in BC- Guidelines for Municipal Governments





Joanna Louise Nellas - MCRP
Supervisor - Stephanie Chang
Project - Portfolio




Jasmin Kaur Senghera - MCRP
Supervisor - Martino Tran
Project - The 15-Minute Suburb: Determining the Accessibility of Amenities in the City of Surrey

Through her time at SCARP Jasmin has had the opportunity to delve into research focussed on transportation planning and public engagement. This has been through her SSHRC-funded capstone project on the 15-minute city, her greenest city scholar internship on bike lanes in the City of Vancouver, her studio project in collaboration with her peers centred on reducing car dependency in the District of Squamish, and lastly her work with the SFU Centre for Dialogue on public reform. Jasmin is incredibly thankful for these various ventures and looks forward to utilizing these skills and tools in the world of planning. She has recently started working as a planning assistant at the City of Burnaby in the Development and Urban Design Division. More info on what Jasmin is up to, can be found here